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Wako Bright Satin Cutting Cape 130 x 150cm
20,14 EUR
Goldwell Chemical Cape with Logo • 44"" x 58"" (110cm x 140cm) • Snap closure • Hang loop   • 100% nylon
12,00 EUR
Bravehead Cutting Cape Silky Black
Wako Eco Yarn Cape Cape for cutting, styling & shampoo. 100% woven nylon, water repellent ecological fabric. Adjustable hook neck closure, Functional hand free pockets (slits), embossed pattern. Size: 145 x 160 cm. Machine wash COOL and LINE DRY. Caution: Do not tumble dry.                  Do not use liquid bleach in wash.  
9,90 EUR
Bravehead Cutting Cape Basic Black Benefits: Affordable basic cape Usage: Cutting & styling Technical features  Polyester fabric  Water resistant  Clasp hook neck closure Design features  Size: 125W x 150L (cm) Maintenance  Machine wash on a low temperature.  Line drying is recommended but tumble drying is possible on a low setting.    Never use liquid bleach in wash.
10,90 EUR
Bravehead Cutting Cape Black , With Dots Benefits: Affordable style option Usage: Cutting and styling Material: Water repellent polyester Technical/Design features: »»Elastic band with neck hook closure »»Water repellent    
7,22 EUR
Angel Dancoly Cape 65x80cm

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