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Wako Bright Satin Cutting Cape 130 x 150cm
9,90 EUR
Bravehead Cutting Cape Basic Black Benefits: Affordable basic cape Usage: Cutting & styling Technical features  Polyester fabric  Water resistant  Clasp hook neck closure Design features  Size: 125W x 150L (cm) Maintenance  Machine wash on a low temperature.  Line drying is recommended but tumble drying is possible on a low setting.    Never use liquid bleach in wash.
12,35 EUR
Bravehead Tinting Apron Light Light salon staff working apron, water resistant. Polyurethane film laminated on polyester lining cloth. Size: 61 x 76 cm, one size fits most. Two pockets, adjustable shoulder straps.
14,16 EUR
Wako Tinting Cape 120 x 140 cm. Machine washable.
Wako Eco Yarn Cape Cape for cutting, styling & shampoo. 100% woven nylon, water repellent ecological fabric. Adjustable hook neck closure, Functional hand free pockets (slits), embossed pattern. Size: 145 x 160 cm. Machine wash COOL and LINE DRY. Caution: Do not tumble dry.                  Do not use liquid bleach in wash.  
14,82 EUR
Wako Zipper Apron 67 x 88 cm, Black, lower pocket has a bottom zipper for easy clean and evacuate hairs and debris, easy care - machine wash
13,49 EUR
Bravehead Light Tinting Cape The lightest breathable tinting cape! - Very light weight - Usage: Chemical use - Material: Fine woven polyester with PU Milky coating - Elastic band with neck hook fastening - Water proof - Color safe 120 x 140 cm
12,00 EUR
Bravehead Cutting Cape Silky Black
13,00 EUR
Cutting Collar for Short Hair Creates even surface for easier cutting, total protection during all salon service, water, color and chemical proof.  
20,14 EUR
Goldwell Chemical Cape with Logo • 44"" x 58"" (110cm x 140cm) • Snap closure • Hang loop   • 100% nylon
7,13 EUR
Angel Dancoly Juuksuri Põll  
10,90 EUR
Bravehead Cutting Cape Black , With Dots Benefits: Affordable style option Usage: Cutting and styling Material: Water repellent polyester Technical/Design features: »»Elastic band with neck hook closure »»Water repellent    
4,65 EUR
Echosline Disposable Coloring Cape 50pcs.
7,22 EUR
Angel Dancoly Cape 65x80cm

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