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5,32 EUR
Plastic base, Polythenist mixing, cleaning advice, diameter 26cm
4,28 EUR
Angel Professional Paris Tinfoil 10cm x 30m.  
4,75 EUR
Tinfoil 12cm x 50m, 400g.
Tinfoil 12cm x 50m x 0,20mm, 430g.
13,68 EUR
Tinfoil 30cm, pikkus 50 m, paksus 0,15mm, 1050g.
12,26 EUR
Hairdressers Economy Aluminium Foil, Tinfoil 12cm x 250m, 0,15mm with cutter
Affinage ColourTech Colouring and Highlighting Meches X200 * The ultimate aid to modern colouring & highlighting techniques * Professional & easy to use * Clean and simple removal * Close root application * Super adhesive for better 'non slip' hold Instructions: 1. Take required section of hair and place adhesive edge of meche upwards at the roots and pull hair downwards onto the meche. 2. Apply colour or bleach to mid lenghts & ends then more sparingly close to the roots. 3. Place the clear part of meche onto the hair & ensure the edges of the meche are stuck together. 4. After processing remove and rinse with warm water.    
12,26 EUR
BraveHead Foil - 15cm paper core - 12cm wide foil - 250m, silver
7,03 EUR
Ro.ial Aluminium Roll 15cm
3,90 EUR
Balayage coloring paddle Create sun-kissed, natural-looking highlights using this coloring paddle.

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