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2,66 EUR
Application Bottle   Applicator bottle for measuring hair colour/application. Volume 200 ml.  
12,26 EUR
BraveHead Foil - 15cm paper core - 12cm wide foil - 250m, silver
BraveHead DeLuxe Hair Color Brush  
37,91 EUR
Bravehead Foil Dispenser, Quick Cut Foil dispensers that makes the work of cutting foil faster and more effective. Just put in the foil, lower the handle and the dispensers will cut and fold the foil for you - leaving you perfect ready-to-use stripes every time. Fits all of our foil rolls.
3,23 EUR
Metal Color Mixer Makes hair color mixing fast and easy  
Plastic Color Mixer Makes hair color mixing fast and easy  
1,89 EUR
Beavehead Applicator Bottle 120 ml    
9,60 EUR
BraveHead Tube Squeezer
12,83 EUR
Goldwell P-CAT Application Bottle and Brush Kit
4,85 EUR
Goldwell Topchic Coloring Bowl
3,69 EUR
Goldwell Large Color Brush  
31,35 EUR
BraveHead Electronic Scale Capacity 3000g Incl. 9V battery Unit system g and oz Tare function Glass plate 15 cm diameter      
29,00 EUR
BraveHead Electronic Scale, Black A stylish black electronic scale. Features: Max capacity: 5 kg / 11 lb Tare function Graduation: 1 g   Battery: 2x CR2032 (included)
11,40 EUR
Tinala Professional Neck Paper Dispencer    Material: Plastic  Color: Clear  Size: Approx 13.5*9.5cm  Features: Durable and practical container for neck paper use. Sucker design: Stands steadily even on the smooth surface. Side paper outlet: easy and convenient to use. Keeps the paper neat at hands side, making the hairdressing easily.  
4,08 EUR
Bravehead Jumbo Parted Dye Bowl Colour mixing bowl with 2 sections.
Bravehead Colour Mixing Bowl
3,42 EUR
BraveHead Dye bowl, square Use for all tinting techniques
3,90 EUR
Balayage coloring paddle Create sun-kissed, natural-looking highlights using this coloring paddle.
1,70 EUR
BraveHead Measuring Cup 100ml
3,80 EUR
Affinage Colour Key The Affinage Colour Key slides onto the end of any tube and turns, to dispense the perfect amount of colour every time - right down to the very last drop.
1,52 EUR
BraveHead Deluxe Dye Brush With Comb
7,03 EUR
Ro.ial Aluminium Roll 15cm
3,57 EUR
Goldwell Medium Color Brush    
3,88 EUR
Goldwell Angled Color Brush    
12,26 EUR
Hairdressers Economy Aluminium Foil, Tinfoil 12cm x 250m, 0,15mm with cutter
2,85 EUR
 Dye Bowl, Small
Silicone streaking cap set
13,68 EUR
Tinfoil 30cm, pikkus 50 m, paksus 0,15mm, 1050g.
Tinfoil 12cm x 50m x 0,20mm, 430g.
4,75 EUR
Tinfoil 12cm x 50m, 400g.
4,28 EUR
Angel Professional Paris Tinfoil 10cm x 30m.  
5,32 EUR
Plastic base, Polythenist mixing, cleaning advice, diameter 26cm
28,45 EUR
    Affinage electronic balance, scale with battery 9V               
Plastic base, Polythenist mixing, cleaning advice, diameter 21 cm
6,18 EUR
Silicone Hair Tinting Brushes, 6Pcs Advatages comparing with traditional bristle brushes: Faster application, closer to sculp for percise highlighting, less overlap, up to 1/2 color cream savings, no residual contamination, fast and easy cleanup, long-lasting.      
4,30 EUR
BraveHead Tube Wringer
2,05 EUR
BraveHead Neutralisation Sponge, 3 Pcs + Holder
Affinage ColourTech Colouring and Highlighting Meches X200 * The ultimate aid to modern colouring & highlighting techniques * Professional & easy to use * Clean and simple removal * Close root application * Super adhesive for better 'non slip' hold Instructions: 1. Take required section of hair and place adhesive edge of meche upwards at the roots and pull hair downwards onto the meche. 2. Apply colour or bleach to mid lenghts & ends then more sparingly close to the roots. 3. Place the clear part of meche onto the hair & ensure the edges of the meche are stuck together. 4. After processing remove and rinse with warm water.    
12,83 EUR
Tints of Nature Mixing Set Contains bowl, brush and measuring jug
0,90 EUR
Bravehead hair color brush with comb, Black    
2,45 EUR
Affinage Tint Bowl
2,19 EUR
Echosline Tint Bowl
3,48 EUR
Hair Color Shaker
5,61 EUR
Metal Key Tint Tube Squeezer Make the most of your hair colour investment with the Dateline Professional Colour Tube Key. This metal key is economical, sturdy and helps to squeeze any excess product out from the end of tubes of colour.  
1,05 EUR
Angel Professional Paris bowl 14cm. 250ml.
1,15 EUR
Angel Hair Coloring Brush    
2,19 EUR
Affinage b:RED Tinting Brush    
1,10 EUR
Bravehead Silicone Hair Colouring Brush      

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