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Oval hairbrush Fimage
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Angel Professional Massage Brush, Wet Ceramic Brush    
Detangler Hair Brush Enjoy tangle free hair and so much more thanks to this cleverly designed hair accessory. Breakage, split ends and damage to your hair is significantly reduced in comparison to traditional hair brushes, thanks to the spacing and flexibility of each comb. Take the time out of getting ready too. The detangler hair brush gets to work straight away, with just a few strokes through the hair, you’ll have visibly tangle free hair for hours to come. Job done with no pain and minimal effort! Great for use on all hair types, this accessory gets to work on both dry and wet hair, so whether you’ve just stepped out of the shower or walked through the door after a long day at work, the hair detangler will have you looking good as new in minutes.  
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BraveHead Massage Brush Massage and styling brush Hair styling and scalp massage at once. The Tender care brush features ultra-flexible nylon bristles in two different lengths. The long bristles work to style the hair while the short bristles deliver the most comfortable massage to the scalp. Snag-free styling without pulling the hair.    

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