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94,05 EUR
Oster Artisan Trimmer Benefits: Cord/cordless Blade system: Artisan system Technical features • Cordless with NiMH battery • 6000 strokes per minute • Running time: 60 minutes • Recharge time: 20 minutes • Cord included for use if the battery runs out Design features • Ergonomic soft-touch grip Included • 2 titanium coated blades (T-blade & Micro blade) • Charging stand • Attachable cord • 5 attachable distance combs (1 - 13 mm) • Lubricating oil • Cleaning brush • Blade guard    
103,55 EUR
Oster AdjustPro Adjustable Pivot Clipper The Oster Adjuct Pro Clipper is an adjustable blade clipper with a silent pivot motor which cuts quickly and efficiently through wet or dry hair. The corrosion resistant stainless steel blade adjusts from very close (size 000)to medium length (size 1). Its ergonomic shape and soft touch grip help to reduce hand and wrist fatigue. Supplied with 8 comb attachments, 1 finishing comb and 1 clipper comb.    
113,05 EUR
Oster Model 616 Pivot Motor Clipper The Oster’s 616 Pivot Clipper Includes:     616 Pivot Ex2s Clipper     Size 1 (76914-686) Detachable Blades     Size 0000 (76914-616) Detachable Blades     Blade Guard     Blade Oil     Cleaning Brush     Instruction Sheet  Features:     Powerful, Heavy-Duty Pivot Motor     Maintenance Free     Detachable Blade System     Two Years Limited Warranty from Oster      
68,40 EUR
Oster MX Pro W Adjustable Magnetic Motor Clipper The Oster MX Pro is a multi-purpose high speed adjustable blade clipper ideal for aspiring barbers and stylists with light to medium clipper usage. The powerful dual magnetic motor provides 6000 cutting strokes per minute and is strong enough to cut through wet or dry hair. The easily adjustable blade adjusts from 000 to 1, making it ideal for cutting hair to a variety of lengths and styles. Benefits:  Adjustable blade  Contoured, ergonomic design Blade system: Oster MX Pro System Technical features:  Powerful, dual magnetic motor  6000 cutting strokes per minute  Adjustable blade size 0,5 - 2,4 mm (000-1) Design features: Weight of 450 g 2,4 meter cord Included:  Oster MX Pro Adjustable blade  4 attachable distance combs (3-12mm)  Lubricating oil  Cleaning brush  Blade guard       
99,75 EUR
JRL Fresh Fade Hair Trimmer Benefits: - Powerful - Long Life time - Light weight Blade system: JRL Fresh Fade Trimmer blades Technical features: - Durable Li-ion battery - Running time: 90 minutes - Recharge time: 60 minutes - 3-Speed, 5000 - 6000 SPM Design features: - Weight of 95 g - LED Display Included: - 1x Stainless steel JRL Trimmer blade, 0 - 1 mm - 2 slide on attachment combs (2-3 mm, 4-5 mm) - Charging stand - Cleaning brush   - Lubricating oil
180,50 EUR
JRL Fresh Fade 1040 Hair Trimmer Benefits: - Stay-Cool Technology - Self-Sharpening Titanium Blades - Smart-Clip Technology - Quiet running Blade system: JRL Fresh Fade Clipper blades Technical features: - High capasity ION battery - Running time: 300 minutes - Recharge time: 180 minutes - 5-Speed, 5000-7000 SPM Design features: - Weight of 230 g Included: - 1x self-sharpening Titanium JRL clipper blade, 1 mm  - 2 slide on attachment combs (3-6 mm, 9-12 mm) - Charging stand - Cleaning brush   - Lubricating oil  
141,55 EUR
Goldwell Pro Edition Hair Clipper Magic Shape Ergonomic design, precise and even, 1h recharge only    
60,00 EUR
JRL FreshFade 1010 Trimmer  Powerful  Long Lifetime  Lightweight  Durable Li-Ion battery  Running time: 90 minutes  Recharge time: 120 minutes  5000 SPM Design features:  Weight of 95 g LED display for battery status Included:  1x 45 mm Titanium (fixed) / Steel (moving) blade 2 slide on attachment combs (2-3, 4-5 mm) Charging adaptor + stand

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