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Sassi America - No Burn Primer No-Burn primer is a No-Burn free primer used to promote adhesion to the natural nails. It is much safer for natural nails than acid primers without sacrificing performance. No-Burn primer is low order and does not burn the natural nails or cuticles. Works perfectly with all gel and acrylic systems.
4,90 EUR
Primer Moyra - Aden Nail Primer Acid-free  
5,39 EUR
GlamLac Professional Primer Special product for disinfecting and cleaning the nail plate.
3,60 EUR
Bonder- No Burn Primer - No Acid, Prefect Primer, ProNail Primer without acid for natural nails
6,40 EUR
Pronails Sopolish Cleanse, Primer No buffing, no filing, no drilling Ideal preparation for Sopolish application For extended Sopolish wear Sopolish Cleanse is the first step of the Sopolish application. It is used to efficiently remove any oily residues from the nail plate before applying Sopolish Sart, which is the transparent base coat for every Sopolish Colour. Proper degreasing with Sopolish Cleanse makes sure the Sopolish will hold well during a full 2 weeks.