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Sassi America - No Burn Primer No-Burn primer is a No-Burn free primer used to promote adhesion to the natural nails. It is much safer for natural nails than acid primers without sacrificing performance. No-Burn primer is low order and does not burn the natural nails or cuticles. Works perfectly with all gel and acrylic systems.
4,65 EUR
Primer Moyra - Aden Nail Primer Acid-free  
6,65 EUR
GlamLac Professional Primer Special product for disinfecting and cleaning the nail plate.
4,50 EUR
IN:GEL Nail Prep PH Bonder IN:GEL Nail Prep PH Bonder is used to gently dehydrate the natural nails to remove any natural oils prior to artificial nail applications.  Use before IN:GEL Primer for better adhesion of IN:GEL gels and IN:GEL gel polishes.   Drying time 30 sec.
4,50 EUR
IN:GEL Ultrabond Primer IN:GEL Ultrabond Primer is used to achieve better grip between IN:GEl Gel or IN:GEL Gel Polish. Usage: Carefully clean nail plate from the dust. Apply thin coat to the nail and let it dry for 30 seconds.    
3,48 EUR
Bonder- No Burn Primer - No Acid, Prefect Primer, ProNail Primer without acid for natural nails
Orly Gel FX Primer Our bonding Primer preps nails for maximum adhesion to extend the life of your gel color.  
Gelish Ph Bond Nail Prep  Used on natural nails to balance the pH and remove any surface oils.  

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