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Geliscolor neon color gel lack 1600
Moyra Supershine Geelvärv
Moyra UV Gel Vamp Thermo-gel
Moyra Painting UV Gel Incredible vivid colours, high pigmentation, long - lasting decoration! Due to being extraordinarily pigmented, these new gels have very intensive colour, cover perfectly even in thin layers, which makes them suitable for long - lasting, flat nail decorations, colour transitions, ombre effects and shadowing. They are perfect alternatives for acrylic paint. Unit size: 5g.
ProNails Gel Paint Perfect combination of high pigmented colour gel and nail art paint. Thicker gel texture Perfect for all kinds of design patterns and techniques No sticky layer The ProNails Gel Paints are the perfect combination of high pigment colour gel and nail art paint. The somewhat thicker gel texture allows nail artists to entirely complete their design without colour spreading all over. The Gel Paints don’t dry in open air, giving you all the time in the world to let your creative imagination go wild!
OPI GelColor High-gloss shine that lasts for weeks Lightning speed, 30 second cure Fast, polish-on application Non-damaging application and removal
IN:GEL Gel Polish IN:GEL Gel polish has an a wonderful coverage and shine, good adhesion, is elastic, softens off in Acetone in just 3-5 minutes or in Soak Off Remover. It is suitable for applying on natural nails, as well as artifical nails. Application: Before usage roll the bottle in your palms. Apply 1-2 coats to the prepared nails. Gel polish cures in UV lamp in 2 minutes and in LED lamp in 30-60 seconds (depending on the lamp power). Make sure the free edge is sealed well. Apply top coat, cure in a lamp as above.  
IN:GEL Cat Eye Gel Polish Wonderful cat-eye effect.   Use with a cat eye nail magnet. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Trim, clean and shape your nails then wipe with a cleansing pad. Apply IN:GEL Nail Prep PH Bonder or IN:GEL Ultrabond Primer for better bonding. Apply a thin layer of IN:GEL Miracle LED/UV Base Coat. Cure under the UV lamp 2 min or LED lamp for 30 sec. Apply a layer of gel polish matching to your Cat Eye gel for the base. Cure under the UV lamp 2 min or LED lamp for 30 sec. Apply a layer of IN:GEL Cat Eye Gel Polish. Encase the tip to ensure it is long lasting. Before curing under the lamp hold the magic magnetic plate 3-5mm from the nail, holding there for about 5 seconds. Once desired effect has been achieved. Cure under the UV lamp 2 min or LED lamp for 30 sec.    Apply a thin layer of IN:GEL LED/UV No Wipe Rubber Top Diamond Shine or IN:GEL No Wipe LED/UV Glass Finish Top Coat. Cure under the UV lamp 2 min or LED lamp for 30 sec.  

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