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Geliscolor neon color gel lack 1600
Moyra Supershine Geelvärv
Moyra UV Gel Vamp Thermo-gel
Lemon Cosmetics Gellack GELLACK is a durable high­gloss longlasting gellack, with excellent coverage. The product can be used in a single layer, but it is advisable to use two layers to ensure better coverage. Before use, clean the nail surface with GELLACK CLEANER. Apply the GELLACK layer by layer to the nail, allowing each layer to cure under the UV lamp for 120 seconds or under the LED lamp for 60 seconds. After applying GELLACK, apply GELLACK TOP COAT on to the nail, which ensures a high gloss and durability of the nails for weeks. Lemon Cosmetics GELLACK creates natural nails a look like atrificial nails and is therefore particularly convinient for weak nails. This product makes your life easier!
Moyra Painting UV Gel Incredible vivid colours, high pigmentation, long - lasting decoration! Due to being extraordinarily pigmented, these new gels have very intensive colour, cover perfectly even in thin layers, which makes them suitable for long - lasting, flat nail decorations, colour transitions, ombre effects and shadowing. They are perfect alternatives for acrylic paint. Unit size: 5g.
ProNails Gel Paint Perfect combination of high pigmented colour gel and nail art paint. Thicker gel texture Perfect for all kinds of design patterns and techniques No sticky layer The ProNails Gel Paints are the perfect combination of high pigment colour gel and nail art paint. The somewhat thicker gel texture allows nail artists to entirely complete their design without colour spreading all over. The Gel Paints don’t dry in open air, giving you all the time in the world to let your creative imagination go wild!
OPI GelColor High-gloss shine that lasts for weeks Lightning speed, 30 second cure Fast, polish-on application Non-damaging application and removal

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