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Clear UV Base Gel Sassi America
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Lemon Cosmetics Gellack Base Coat GELLACK BASE COAT is a gellack base gel, that cures under UV/LED lamp. Before use, clean the nails with Gellack Cleaner and make sure that all the dust and dirt is removed. Apply a thin layer of base gel on to the nail and leave the nail edge a little bit uncovered. Allow the product to cure under a UV lamp for 2 minutes or under LED lamp for 1 minute. Then apply Lemon Cosmetics colour Gellack.
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Lemon Cosmetics Air Bonder Universal 100% acid free bonder, to increase the UV gel contact to natural nails. Apply Air Binder onto the nail in one thin layer. Dries in the air approx.60sec.  
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Pronails Base Expert UV Gel Fiber Force Provides extra strength Can be combined with any type of builder gel Fiber Force + UNICUM = strength of Acrylic For repair or reconstruction of weak or torn nails For extensions for nailbiters Strong fiberglass reinforced base gel Can be combined with any type of builder gel For repair and reconstruction of torn or broken nails on forms, without the need for silk Suitable for nail extensions of nail biters Suitable for filling of Koilonychia (spoon nails) Time-saving : Thanks to the slight building properties of this base gel, the building fase of the nail reconstruction can be done partially with the strong Fiber Force base gel, followed by any builder gel. This ensures maximum base strength and allows for time saving (less filing) during refill as only the thiner layer of builder gel is removed. Fiber Force gel in combination with Unicum gel offers equal strength as acrylic nails and is the ideal solutions for customers wanting to switch to gel nails            
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OPI GelColor Base Coat Polishes on fast and LED cures in 30-seconds

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