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Aden Anti Nail Bite  
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Lemon Cosmetics Freshening Foot Mask Freshening Foot mask with alpha hydroxyl acids intended for dry, damaged, and tired feet. AHA-s are a special group of organic acids, which stimulate the cell regeneration and smoothen the skin, they also improve the moisturization, appearance and flexibility of the epidermis. Thanks to the contained components, the mask intensively exfoliates calluses and prevents their renewal. Usage: Apply a thin layer of cream on thoroughly cleansed and dried foot skin. Greater amount of mask apply on heels, calluses and corns. Allow to absorb for at least 15 minutes. Remove residues of the cosmetic product. For better effects use with cotton or foil socks. 
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Lemon Cosmetics Foot Peeling Cream Foot peeling cream intended for dry and rough foot skin care. It regenerates corns and cracked heels. Deeply exfoliates skin preparing it for more intensive absorption of active ingredients. Abrasive particles effectively remove hard and rough skin layer. Linseed oil complements the lipid barrier, avocado oil softens and soothes irritations, and glycerol binds water in epidermis, moisturizes and protects against excessive skin dryness, soothes and improves elasticity. It is especially recommended for feet with tendency for excessive hardening and thickening of epidermis. Usage: Apply the creamy scrub on feet and massage in circular motions for about 1 minute. Subsequently rinse and dry gently.
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Lemon Cosmetics Moisturizing Hand Mask Due to presence of carefully selected ingredients such as olive oil, Shea butter and vitamin E, the hand mask quickly regenerates lipid layer, soothes and smoothens the skin. Hydromanil moisturizes and regulates exfoliation process, providing significant improvement of damaged and dry skin. An appetizing scent of southern fruits will enchant your senses. As a result, each treatment will be a true pleasure. Usage: Apply a thick layer of the mask on clean hands. Put on plastic or cotton gloves and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. You can massage the excess of the mask into the skin or wash it off with warm water. The mask is great for paraffin wax treatment.
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Lemon Cosmetics Hand Peeling Cream With Grapes Hand Peeling Cream perfectly oils and softens skin on hands, effectively removes dead epidermis and moisturizes. The abrasive particles contained in the delicate emulsion, provide your hands with immediate effect of velvety smooth, clean and perfectly well-cared skin. The scrub contains linseed oil, which supports regeneration of epidermis and avocado oil, which softens and soothes irritations. Glycerol protects against excessive skin dryness, soothes and improves elasticity. It is intended for dry and rough skin. Usage: Apply the creamy scrub on hands and massage in circular motions for about 1 minute. Subsequently rinse and dry gently.
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OPI Experttouch Removal Wraps
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O.P.I Pro Spa Micro-Exfoliating Hand Polish OPI ProSpa inspired by Facial Skincare. Perfected for hands & feet. Constant exposure makes hands one of the first body parts to reveal your age. Feet are serious shock absorbers, so it's no wonder they build up a tough exterior. Traditional hand & foot care is no longer enough, that's why OPI have reinvented the manicure & pedicure - with the Pro Spa range. The new face of manicure and pedicure skincare, OPI Pro Spa introduces the first & only professional salon skincare line that brings the quality & efficiency of facial skincare to premium products developed specifically for hands & feet. Formulas designed to nourish & protect skin while helping to stop the signs of ageing before they start. "Pro Spa does more than just smell good. These formulas take amazing facial skincare ingredients & technologies and used them to create products that bring the same benefits to your hands & feet     Professional grade micro-dermabrasion specifically for hands.     Gentle micro-exfoliators help polish rough, dry skin for more even tone.     Brightening vitamin C helps promotes radiance.     Ultra-nourishing cupuaçu helps hydrate, smooth & soften.     Free radical fighting white tea extract helps protect skin.
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GlamLac Proffesional Dip Prep Balances the nail to a neutral pH and removes any surface oils. Use prior to GLAMLAC DIP System, for perfect adhesion and longevity. Balances the nail to a neutral pH and removes any surface oils. Use prior to GLAMLAC DIP System, for perfect adhesion and longevity. Drying time: under UV-lamp 2 minutes, under LED-lamp 30 seconds.
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Pronails Diamond Bit Nail Prepper Perfect to buff the natural nail. This bit even makes it possible to shape nails or shorten them The 100% perfectly rounded edge Also compatible with Vision Pro 700
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Pronails Nail Serum This nail serum is a complete nourishing treatment in the three to four weeks, intensively feeding and curing your nails making them visibly stronger and healthier.Say goodbye to brittle,damaged and ugly nails. Apply the serum to the nails and use the brush to really push it into the nail plate, from the free edge towards the cuticles.Let the serum sit and try for a while.
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GlamLac 5in1 Absolute Nail Treatment 1. Smoothing Base Coat 2. Anti-brittle Treatment 3. Moisturizer 4. Advanced Strengthener 5. Mega Gloss Top Coat   • Anti oxidizing • Hydrating and nourishing • Brighthening • Revitalising • Fast drying time • Outstanding gloss • UV filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing • Improves nail suppleness • Contains vitamins & plant extracts
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Strictly Professional Bellitas Nail Sanitiser With Melon Effective way to cleanse the nail removing traces of dust particles and product. Suitable for dehydrating the nail in preparation for nail enhancement and degreasing the nail prior to application of nail polish. Can also be used when disinfectant properties are required, i.e. nail files.
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ProNails Jojoba Polish Corrector Carefully removes nail polish application flaws Contains a collagen like substance and a natural anti-inflammatory agent Thanks to the jojoba oil Protects and nourishes the skin Pen includes 3 replacement tips   Replacement tips can be cleaned with non acetone remover   Small mistakes are easily fixed with this pen, leaving your nails looking perfectly polished. Moreover, this product nourishes the skin and that’s unique! This jojoba oil contains a collagen like substance and a natural anti-inflammatory agent.
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Pronails Nail Care Bitter to Bite Bitter-tasting transparent nail coat to discourage nail biting. Bitter To Bite is an extremely effective product against nail biting or thumb sucking. The bitter taste is a deterrent for every nail biting person. It has the appearance of a clear polish and does not leave any stains on nails or fingers.          
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Lemon Cosmetics Reconditioning Foot Cream Reconditoning Foot Cream effectively moisturizes and regenerates the skin. Prevents it from drying and perfectly nourishes your feet thanks to the included urea, glycerine, peach karnel oil and lanolin. Velvet-like consistency of the cream guarantees easy application and quick absorbtion. Usage: Massage into clean, dry skin of the feet. 
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Aden Vitamin Booster  After artificial nails removal, nails can look dehydrated, they need a booster. The solution: a blend of multivitamins and almond oil, known for their nutritive and emollient properties helps protect the nails against dryness while promoting healthier and smoother result. Encapsulated technology: Yellow=Vitamin A Helps to improve general nail appearance, helps to boost nail growth. White=Vitamin E Anti oxidant, moisturization. Blue=Sunflower Oil Helps to protects from oxidant damages, healing & anti-aging properties. Pink=Almond Oil Almond Oil is a rich source of Vitamin E and minerals. By massage, it restores natural nail shine and helps to improve healthy look.   Unit size: 11 ml Made in Luxemburg.