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Jane Iredale Lip Pencil Mineral pigment-based lip pencil with a soft formula that won’t tug at delicate skin. Made with conditioning oils and waxes. Soft formula lends itself to blending and being used as a lip base. Use a jane iredale sharpener to maintain a rounded point. Other sharpeners will split the wood. key ingredients: Shea Butter Moisturizes. Macadamia Seed Oil Soothes. Vitamin E Gives antioxidant protection.
Karaja Perfect Nude Moisturising Lip Pencil State-of-the-art Hi-Tech formula for truly professional performance. Guarantees clear, shiny application - ideal as an contour pencil before applying lip gloss - and rich moisturising perfect for dry, damaged lips.   No less than 60% of its ingredients are precious oils to ensure the wellbeing of your skin and form a moisturis ing barrier that insulates the lips from external aggression: immediate relief for when the skin “pulls”, making it difficult to apply a normal lip pencil to chapped lips.     At last! A lip pencil that perfects and defines the contour of your lips naturally, without creating a heavy outline.
Karaja Stop Line Lip Liner Pencil
Karaja Perfect Lip liner Long-lasting, smooth-flow pencil that can also be blended in with its special brush.   PROPERTIES Rich, colour pay-off. Excellent coverage. Smooth application.   PLUS Contains Vitamin E. 25% of wax base consists of a skin conditioning oil   which retains moisture.
Karaja Colour Mix Lipstick Pencil + Lip gloss Outline and colour your lips with a single gesture. The perfect alternative to lipstick, thanks to ingredients that guarantee softness, suppleness, smoothness and excellent cover. The creamy pencil fills and outlines lips to perfection, while the shiny gloss guarantees a lush luminous pout. These two products can be used individually or together to get exactly the right shade and look. Practical application. Various effects.    
Aden Cosmetics, hypoallergenic, waterproof lip liner In a classic wood-clenched form, slims are ideal for fine contours on lips. A lipliner gives lips the perfect shape, by contouring the outer or inner border of the lip, maximising or minimising the lips as desired. Hyppoallergenic and waterproof. Unit size: 1,38 gr    
Karaja Matli, Long-Lasting Matt Lip Crayon This fantastic creamy matt lipstick in a crayon format gently glides onto your lips, providing intense color and full coverage. Its waterproof and extra long-lasting formulation is quaranteed not to bleed or to dry your lips. Dermatologically tested. Close cap well after use.
Karaja Creamy Lip Pencil
Make Up Studio Lip Liner Pencil A wonderful series of high quality lip pencils, available in attractive colours. For a taught, long-lasting lip contour or as a base under lipstick.