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Jane Iredale Naturally Glam Eye Shadow Kit Kit includes five different shades of eyeshadow and two sided eyeshadow applicator.  
Karaja Luxury Palette For cheeks, lips and eyes. 4 eyeshadows, 2 blushers/highlighters, 4 lip colours including 2 creamy lipsticks, 1 matt lipstick and 1 lipgloss.
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Jane Iredale In the Blink of a Smoky Eye, Smoky Eye Kit Bone, pure gold, dawn, rose gold, iris, forest, double espresso, ebony
Jane Iredale Eye Highlighter Pencil A jumbo dual-ended pencil designed to highlight the eyes, lips and face. Highlights the inner corner of the eye. May be used to line the eyes, and highlight above the brow bone or cheekbone. Instantly wakes up tired eyes and gives eyes a lift. key ingredients: Castor Seed Oil Soothes. Vitamin E Protects. Beeswax Provides bacterial protection.  
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Karaja Karajal, Kohl Powder Eyeliner An ultra light powder to intensify your eyes. Exceptionally rich in color, this eyeliner can be used to outline the eyes for a smoky effect or along the inside of the rims in the oriental manner. This powder gains in intensity upon contact with water and the moisture in the eyes for a hypnotic, magnetising look. Ophthalmologically tested. Shake well before use!
Karaja Shanghai Stick 24H, Eyeshadow Stick A high performance stick eyeshadow. Soft and creamy, it can be quickly blended in your eyelids like an eyeshadow and used along the inner rims like a kajal eyeliner. Thanks to its incorporated sharpener, the tip is always perfect, ready to be used as a primer, i.e. as a coloured base before application of powder eyeshadows to intensify their effect and keep them looking fresh, as well as preventing clumping and transfer. Ophthalmologically tested. Close cap well after use.
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Jane Iredale Getaway Eye Shadow Kit Inspired by tranquil country landscapes, this exclusive palette features 5 wearable shades set in a lightweight compact. Try with our lemon lid primer!
Jane Iredale PurePressed® Eye Shadow A mineral-based pressed eye shadow designed to enhance the color and shape of the eye. Can be used wet or dry. Gentle and safe for sensitive eyes. Highly pigmented, crease-resistant and long-lasting. Can also be used to fill brows, on cheeks as a blush and on lips as a stain. key ingredients: Boron Nitride Adheres. Glides. Diffuses light. Pine Bark Extract Protects. Calms inflammation.  
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Jane Iredale Smoky Eye Kit, Smoke & Mirrors Nude, Champagne, Smoky Grey, Cappuccino, Dark Suede, Aubergine, Sizzle, Charcoal
Karaja Talent Trio Watercolor Eye Shadow Delicate, amazingly soft powder for impeccable long lasting results. These eyeshadows can be applied dry or wet for intensified colour or as an eyeliner.
Karaja Eye Fusion Eyeshadow Trio Vibrant, silky and long-lasting colours.   Can be used on their own or combined.
Fimage Eyeshadow Palette, 28 Shades
Make Up Studio Eyeshadow Refill Refill packaging of the compact eyeshadow. The assortment of eyeshadows, which can be applied wet as well as dry, consist of mat and shiny eyeshadows in bright and natural colours. The eyeshadows are very colour intensive thanks to the high pigmentation level and are easy to apply. Also available in luxury mono packaging.
Make Up Studio Eyeshadow Lumiere Refill Refill packaging of Eyeshadow Lumière, an extremely colour intensive and super shiny powder eyeshadow that does not fly away. Suitable for all Make-up Studio boxes with round cutaways. Also available in luxury mono packaging.
Aden Matte Eyeshadow Powder Matte texture brings the elegance you are looking for with a gorgeous cream-to-powder eyeshadow that gives you the smoothing comfort of a cream with the fresh matte finish of a powder. Velvety soft pigments ensure luminous, stay-true color that lasts for hours. It glides over lids evenly, providing consummate creamy color. Apply all over eye or blend with other shades for desired makeup effect. The exceptional formulation enhances a gentle application and produces a pleasantly soft feeling on the skin.
Make-Up Studio Eyeshadow Reflex Eyeshadow with an overwhelming glitter effect. Can be applied dry or wet. Also available in practical refill packaging.
Karaja Aquamatt Matt Watercolour Eyeshadow Can be applied dry, or wet for better, longer-lasting coverage.
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Karaja Wonder Sculpt 9 shade box - spectacular makeup. Supreme harmonious colours to enliven and outline your eyes.
Jane Iredale Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow  Smooth and luxurious, this creamy, crease-resistant Eye Shere is quick drying so it will not smear.   A quick-drying liquid eye shadow with a smooth and luxurious formula. Will not crease or smear. Helps to camouflage shadows and veins on eyelid. Gives long wear. Water resistance. Provides smooth coverage and adhesion. Macadamia Esters Hydrates.
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Jane Iredale Naturally Matte Eye Shadow Kit Kit includes five different shades of eyeshadow and two sided eyeshadow applicator.  
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Fimage Eyeshadow Palette, 15 Shades
Aden Terracotta Melange Eyeshadow, Wet & Dry The next generation eyeshadow. A seducing, glowing look, wonderful colours to dramatically define the natural colour of your eyes. The perfect choice for the confident women. Baked on  terracotta, innovative oven-baking technology releases all the properties of the colour to make it even more sparkling and luminous and ensure maximum, long-lasting hold when applied. Apply wet for more dramatic colour and it achieves intense and pearly effect or apply dry for a softer, more shimmery look. Very glamorous, great colour pay-off. The colours are ideal for both everyday and special makeup. Unit size: 5 gr
Aden Cosmetics, Shocking Shine Cream Powder Eyeshadow Add depth and drama to the eyes and enchance natural eye colour. Intensiv cream powder eyeshadow with a high level of pigments. Colour rich, smooth and silky. Unit size: 4 gr    
Aden Terracotta Baked Trio Eyeshadow The texture is easy to blend and gives cheeks an all-over warmth and healthy-looking glow. This product boasts every characteristics of the powder blush, only it gives some extra shimmer to your skin. Select your favourite one from the three terracotta blushes of special texture. Sweep over the face or only brush on cheekbones to highlight.
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Jane Iredale Artists Eyes II Eyeshadow Palette
143,73 EUR
Jane Iredale Artists Eyes II Eyeshadow Palette
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Jane Iredale Täiesti UUS Nude Eye Shadow Lauvärvide komplekt   Viis looduslikku ja säravat tooni suurepärases peegliga kompaktkarbis. Viis uskumatut tooni, mida saab kasutada eraldi või kombineeritult üksteisega., et luua silmadele uhked värvitoonid ja glamuur. Pehme ja professionaalse kvaliteediga pintsel teeb veatuks pealekandmise. Valmistatud 100% tervislikest mineraalainetes. Soovituslik kasutamine: Silmalaud
58,86 EUR
Jane Iredale Smoke Gets In Your Eyes LAUVÄRVIDE palett Viis lämbet tooni toovad esile ja kaunistavad teie silmad. 5 uskumatut tooni, mis on mõeldud, et saaksite olla ilus. Loob Juveeli toonides suitsuse silma. Pakendatud koos peegliga pakendis ja professionaalse Jane Iredale pintsliga. See täielik palett loob sinu silmadesse juveelitoonides sära isegi peale päikese loojumist.
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Viie värviga Lauvärvide komplekt, Nimetus: Daytime   Lõputute võimalustega ja neutraalsete värvitoonidega ilu looja igale silmale! Loob looduslikult kaunid silmad viie Mineraalõlipõhise tooniga. Oyster, Almond, Cappuccino, Dark Suede ja Charcoal on pakitud koos peegliga kompaktsesse karpi. Iga toon on koostatud toitvate mineraalidega, botaanika-ekstraktidega ja ränidioksiidiga mis kaitseb ka kortsude tekkimise eest ja lisab värvidele püsivust. Kaasasoleva pintsliga saab teha veatu pealekande, jättes silmadele väga loodusliku ilu. Kasuta igat värvi eraldi või sega toon olemasoleva viie värvi abil kokku, et luua endale meelitav unikaalselne välimus.
Jane Iredale PurePressed® Triple Eye Shadows All our highly pigmented shadows are easy to blend, sensitivity-tested, and they stay put for gorgeous, crease-free, long-lasting eye color. Gentle, safe for sensitive eyes and formulated with good-for-the-skin ingredients Crease-resistant and long-lasting May be applied wet or dry to compliment any look Great for shading, highlighting, contouring and lining Use our “Simple Eye Technique.” Apply your darkest color in a sideways V with our Eye Contour Brush. Highlight above the iris in a medium shade with our Eye Shader Brush. Highlight the brow bone in your lightest shade with our Deluxe Shader Brush. Blend well with a clean brush. It's always a good idea to brush the base powder on the eyelid to even out the skin tone and for sun protection. Don't try to match the eye color with a shadow, since this will only cancel-out the eye. A complementary/contrasting color is what makes the eye pop (e.g., brown/blue). Spritz our eyeliner brush with D2O™, Balance or POMMISST™ and pick up shadow for an eyeliner that stays and stays. If you have red or dark circles, stay away from blue or gray tones. They just accentuate the darkness.  
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Karaja Smokey 3D Kohl - Eye-Shadow - EyeLiner Karaja revolutionises eye makeup with this futuristic triple performance professional eyeliner that, thanks to its exclusive formula, can be used as an EYELINER to outline your eyes, a KOHL pencil for the inner rim of the eyelid and an EYESHADOW. Waterproof and long lasting, it smoothly glides on the skin, adheres perfectly and is fast drying to guarantee amazing performance in any situation.   EYELINER Simple to apply with its specially designed synthetic brush applicator, this eyeliner evenly fills the lashes and defines your eyes for a captivating look. The thin, square-tipped brush lets you adjust the width of the line at will, so that you can draw an ultra fine line or experiment with heavier lines to get different effects each time.   EYESHADOW Immediate colour, easy to smudge and long-lasting. Ideal for the “SMOKEY EYES” look.   KOHL Apply to the inner rim of the eyelid for a truly seductive look. Ophthalmologically tested.   Close container tightly after use.  
Karaja Color Emotion Eyeshadow Set 3 Dimensional colours for a luminous, vibrant effect. A palette choice with fine, silky eyeshadow in matt, pearly and satiny versions
Aden Cosmetics, hypoallergenic waterproof eyeshadow, eyeliner Twin eyeshadow and eyeliner are even more versatile in use as their twin leads can integrate two different colours or the same shade with a matt and pearlized texture. Hyppoallergenic and waterproof. Unit size: 4,11gr    
KARAJA WONDER BOX 9 shade box - Spectacular Make up Supreme harmonious colours to enliven and outline your eyes-
KARAJA 1 ONE single colour-rich eyeshadow for that intense,caputuring look. Long-lasting
KARAJA EYE & BROW BASIC eyeshadow palette Four essential shades for creating flawless brows and a naturaly structured look
Karaja Aquacolor Pastel Eyeshadow With Sparkling Highlights Eyeshadow with sparkling highlights and available in gloss, matte and glitter. Can be used dry for a semi-transparent light effect or apply wet for enhanced color intensity. This also creates a long lasting effect of the Aqua Color. Check out our new fluorescent colors!
110,00 EUR
Karaja Silver Palette 1, Color Emotion 3 Dimensional colours for a luminous, vibrant effect. A palette choice with fine, silky eyeshadow in matt, pearly and satiny versions.
110,00 EUR
Karaja Silver Palette 2, Wonder Box Supreme harmonious colours to enliven   and outline your eyes.
TOUCHE loose powder eyeshadow with a super-light silky texture
Karaja Diamonds Covering Eye Shadows Trio The exceptional coverage makes this a "professional" product that lasts perfectly.
Jane Iredale PurePressed® Duo Eye Shadows A mineral-based pressed eye shadow designed to enhance the color and shape of the eye. Can be used wet or dry. Gentle and safe for sensitive eyes. Highly pigmented, crease-resistant and long-lasting. key ingredients: Boron Nitride Adheres. Glides. Diffuses light. Pine Bark Extract Protects. Calms inflammation.  
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Eyeshadow, concealer, lipstick set Fimage 44 shadows