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Jane Iredale Active Light ®, Under-Eye Concealer An under-eye concealer and facial highlighter that refracts light creating a soft-focus finish. Provides sheer to medium coverage for under-eye shadows. Apply to the whole under-eye area and even around the nose, lips or any area that needs highlighting. The brush is designed to fit easily into the recess between the nose and the inner corner of the eye.     No.1 & No.2: yellow based, neutralizes redness     No.3 & No.4: peach based, neutralizes blue, violet & grey     No.5: yellow/brown based, neutralizes redness in darker skin tones     No.6: orange/brown based, neutralizes brown and black in darker skin tones key ingredients: Titanium Dioxide and Boron Nitride Provide soft-focus coverage. Buckwheat Seed Extract Reduces puffiness. Cucumber Fruit Extract Soothes. White Tea Leaf Extract Calms. Soothes. Protects.  
Karaja Micro Spot Concealer Soft, sheer, good coverage and easy to blend, efficiently hides minor skin imperfections very naturally. The Salicylic Acid in its formula helps to prevent pimples and blackheads, soothing redness and combatting impure skin. Dermatologically tested. Avoid using around the eye area. Close cap well after use.
Jane Iredale Zap & Hide Blemish Concealer A highly pigmented concealer that contains beneficial botanicals and antioxidants that soothe and minimize the appearance of redness. Gentle enough to be used as often as needed. Staying power reduces the need for touch-ups. Creamy formula layers easily for customizable coverage. A hygienic patented metal tip stays cool even during product application. A creamy concealer that effectively soothes and minimizes the appearance of redness.
Aden Cream Camouflage Its 4 natural shades are really effective for hiding blemishes of any kind, dot on any dark lines, pigment stains and scars, areas of redness or imperfections. All colours can be mixed with each other which means the skin colour can be matched exactly. Free of mineral oil, paraffin and preservatives. Dermatologically tested.
Aden Cosmetics, Make-Up Stick 3 in 1 make-up stick: long wearing foundation, that offers the natural looking coverage of a liquid, the precision of a concealer and the gentleness of a rich moisturiser. If you are looking for a special foundation product, we happily recommend the makeup stick to you. Due to its perfect coverage, it can hide every imperfection. It provides a natural look, it is easy and simple to use. One of the basics of everyday beauty rituals – why would you be contended with something less than a flawless and perfect skin? Unit size: 13 gr  
Karaja Cover Excel Concealer Conceals bags under the eyes, dyschromia, shadows, signs and small imperfections in the skin in a totally natural way. Easy to apply and blend, it visibly smoothes the skin and lasts all day long without fading. Colour does not change and fixes in a few seconds, guaranteeing exceptional hold under all weather conditions. A mix of High Vitamin E, Soy Bean Oil and Marigold helps protect and revitalize the eye area, for a naturally fresh and radiant complexion.   Dermatologically tested.
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Karaja Color Correction Palette An extra delicate “Cream-to-Powder” formulation for correcting face and eye contour color. For a satin-look complexion.   Contains Vitamin E to fight free radicals.
Aden Coverstick A professional product not only for professional users.  Perfect for covering smaller spots, under eye-circles and skin blemishes. This easy-to-manage stick conceals completely with or without foundation. Blends in perfectly with your skin, chemical free, fragrance free. One of the basics in every cosmetics bag. Anti-Redness Stick Redness occurs when the tiny blood capillaries on your face get inflamed due to various factors, like excessive sun exposure, alcohol and caffeine overindulgence and smoking. To camouflage the look of redness, use a concealer that’s dedicated to the cause. This green camouflage corrector stick will cover red blemishes and scars.
Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer™ While you conceal discolorations, why not treat them as well? - Ideal for addressing dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, as well as dark spots on the skin.     Enlighten 1 works well for light to medium skin tones, Enlighten 2 is best for medium to dark skin tones.     They contain an innovative trio of plant extracts that help lighten and brighten the skin, reduce puffiness under eyes, hydrate and contribute to the appearance of firmer skin.     Also rich with Moringa Seed Oil, an extraordinary skin conditioner that soothes the skin and provides powerful anti-irritant and antioxidant benefits.     Lovely, fresh scent soothes the senses.     Apply to dark circles under the eyes, or discolorations anywhere on the face.     With the Camouflage Brush, pick up a small amount of product and apply a thin layer to areas of concern in criss-cross motion.     If further blending is needed, gently “feather” the edges by pressing and patting with the ring finger.     To finish, apply your favorite foundation and mist with Hydration Spray.  
Jane Iredale Disappear™, Concealer with Green Tea Extract Disappear won't just cover breakouts but will also help them to disappear permanently. A matte, oil-free, opaque concealer that camouflages distractions such as acne, scars, tattoos, veins and port wine stains and contains ingredients that may help to clear blemishes.     State-of-the-art liposome formula contains so much pigment that two layers will cover almost everything, including black tattoos.     Provides an opaque finish. key ingredients: Superoxide Dismutase Protects. Green Tea Leaf Extract Calms. Protects. Provides bacterial protection. Vitamin C Helps to reverse UV damage. Protects. Suppresses melanin formation.  
Make-Up Studio Liquid Concealer Liquid concealer in an easy to use pen. The silky liquid contains active ingredients like Vitamin E and sunscreens to nourish and protect the skin.
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BAse and concealer cream set Fimage, 20 shades of cream makeup base