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Jane Iredale Dream Tint®, Tinted Moisturizer SPF15 Formulated with lightweight minerals, a tinted moisturiser that not only hydrates and provides sheer to medium coverage, but helps prevent trans-epidermal water loss.     Calms and soothes.     Water resistant to 40 minutes.     Broad spectrum sun protection with SPF 15 UVB/UVA.     Gives a soft-focus effect that helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores. key ingredients: Titanium Dioxide Calms and soothes skin. Gives excellent mineral UV protection. Algae Extract Hydrates skin. Helps prevent moisture loss in skin. Boron Nitride Adheres, glides and diffuses light.  
Aden FullHD Fluid Foundation Fluid long lasting, high definition and full coverage foundation; it helps to hide red marks and blemishes while keeping the natural brightness of your skin. Possible skin imperfections, such as wrinkles and opened pores are less visible.  It creates a naturally flawless complexion with a semi-matt finish for all ages and all skin tones. It conceals everything for a perfect looking second skin that lasts all day. The formulation doesn’t contain fragrance and sunscreens. D5 free, oil free and paraben free.  
Make-Up Studio Light Velvet Foundation This semi-covering foundation combines the advantages of a cream foundation with the ease of a powder. Thanks to the special composition the foundation does not require powder. The compact packaging provides a sponge and mirror, making it very practical to use.
Make-Up Studio Select Fluid Foundation noTransfer An extensive collection of velvety soft, liquid silicon-based foundations. As soon as the foundation adheres to the skin, the 'No Transfer' effect begins and the foundation no longer runs. This foundation does not require powder and is semi-covering.  
Matis Reponse Teint Quicklift Foundation More than a foundation, QuickLift is a real beauty serum with a moisturizing, smoothing, firming and plumping effect. For all women who wish to enhance their day skin care with an anti-ageing action by taking care of wrinkles and / or fine lines, skin slackening and a lack of brightness. A true 2-in-1, both makeup and skin care. HYALURONIC ACID SPHERE FILLERS : this is an express filling and smoothing technology. From a biotechnological origin, it is based on water-hungry components. Dehydrated, they rehydrate themselves in the skin and fill in wrinkles and fine lines. QUICK’ ELASTIN : It is an active elasticity renovator from the dill seed extract. Its presence enhances the lysyl oxidase(LOXL)synthesis, an enzyme responsible for the cross-linking functionality and the elastic matrix, which is less produced because of ageing. REFLECTIVE PEARLESCENT LIGHTS : they provide immediate brightness and recreate the original skin’s luminosity.            
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Matis Reponse Teint BB Cream, SPF 15 The multi-purpose skin care. This BB Cream is a unifying foundation care. Multifunction, it brings 6 beauty benefits in one step: hydrates, unifies, fixes, enlightens, helps fight against the signs of ageing, protects against UVA and UVB rays thanks to the presence of a 15 SPF. With a UV protection BOTANICAL ALTERNATIVE OF HYALURONIC ACID : this Cassia Angustifolia extract from an Indian plant contains polysaccharides which have the same properties as hyaluronic acid acting on the skin in two ways:     - they form a protecting film that fills in small wrinkles and smoothes fine lines,     - their water retention properties provide an intense hydration to the skin SUNSCREENS (15 SPF) : these filters are chemical and physical complexes which protect the skin against UV rays.            
Karaja CC Cream This active brightening cream is fresh and melts on the skin. He adds a touch of color that makes the skin velvety soft and radiant. In a natural snap the skin complexion is smooth and perfect. Moreover, you can count on with this cream a real treat. The formula is enriched with Phyto Complex of Olive Leaves and bearberry., Blotches and uneven skin tone caused by excessive exposure to sunlight fades and homrmonale factors or age. The protective effect is enhanced by the presence of sunscreens and Vitamin E, which acts as antioxidant. The hyaluronic acid ensures hydration. Available in colors: No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5
Karaja BB White Cream, Secret Touch The magic of a white cream that adapts to skin contact with the natural skin tone. The cream provides a fresh, radiant and matte effect, thanks to the microencapsulated pigmenten.De formula results in a dash of color to be easily and perfectly fitted. It contains a precious active ingredient derived from brown seaweed comes from Bretange, a real energy booster that helps to stimulate the celvitaliteit. In vitro studies have shown that the brown alga is responsive to the energy production of cells, so as to promote the formation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. appropriate for all skin types and is available in 2 shades. No. 1 Beige No. 2 Rose
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Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener for Oily Skin Bring out your natural radiance with our revolutionary primer, designed to even out skin tone, minimize pores, and visibly reduce fine lines for a smooth, matte finish. Smooth Affair for Oily Skin also fights blemishes and reduces shine. Uses revolutionary PoreAway™ technology along with state-of-the-art mineral science that visibly reduces shine to create the ideal makeup canvas. It noticeably reduces the appearance of pores and fights blemishes. Creates a smooth, matte finish for an even skin tone while employing advanced mineral technology that color-adjusts to your skin.  
Aden Cream Camouflage Its 4 natural shades are really effective for hiding blemishes of any kind, dot on any dark lines, pigment stains and scars, areas of redness or imperfections. All colours can be mixed with each other which means the skin colour can be matched exactly. Free of mineral oil, paraffin and preservatives. Dermatologically tested.
Aden Cosmetics, Make-Up Stick 3 in 1 make-up stick: long wearing foundation, that offers the natural looking coverage of a liquid, the precision of a concealer and the gentleness of a rich moisturiser. If you are looking for a special foundation product, we happily recommend the makeup stick to you. Due to its perfect coverage, it can hide every imperfection. It provides a natural look, it is easy and simple to use. One of the basics of everyday beauty rituals – why would you be contended with something less than a flawless and perfect skin? Unit size: 13 gr  
Jane Iredale Glow Time®, Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream Contains broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 25 UVB/UVA.     Water resistant to 40 minutes.      Minimizes pores and helps disguise fine lines and wrinkles.   Smoothes and brightens skin.   Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, sensitivity tested, clinically tested, dermatologist tested. key ingredients: Grapefruit Extract Minimizes appearance of pores and wrinkles. Apple Extract Is a skin-smoothing antioxidant. Exfoliates, refines and rejuvenates the skin. Bitter Orange Extract Perfumes and conditions. Titanium Dioxide Calms and soothes skin. Gives excellent mineral UV protection.
Aden Cream Foundation, Oil-free Feel the softness and silkiness of your skin every day. The smooth texture of the liquid foundation ensures easy and perfect application; your skin will be always natural-looking and fresh. Hypoallergenic, recommended for all skin types. Long lasting, light coverage to create a natural, healthy look and feel.
Aden BB Cream A full coverage cream that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This professional formula containing avocado oils, aloe vera, vitamin E and collagen covers and conceals imperfections whilst helping skin regenerate and to eliminate age spots & blemishes. The moisturiser calms skin and helps protect again UV and environmental damage while working to help balance the skin and provides oil and shine control to extend the life of the foundation all day.
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Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener A skin-quenching primer that prepares the skin so makeup goes on more easily and lasts longer. Anti-aging, firms the skin and prevents moisture loss. Smoothes, brightens and nourishes skin. Minimizes pores and visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles. key ingredients: Grapefruit Extract Promotes luminosity and skin radiance. Apple Extract Acts as a skin-smoothing antioxidant. Helps maintain skin’s youthful elasticity. Green and White Tea Leaf Extracts Is anti-aging. Soothes and calms skin.
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Base and concealer cream set Fimage, 12 shades
Biodroga Puran Formula BB Cream SPF 15 Make-up and care in one product. Skin irregularities and redness are perfectly concealed. The complexion looks even and gently tanned at once. The BIOACTIVE PURAN COMPLEX with BioEcolia® and panthenol helps to counter the spreading of harmful bacteria which are considered to cause skin impurities. SPF 15 protects against the UV radiation and Vitamin E acetate counters free radicals and strengthens skin's defense functions. Dermatologically tested. With Sun protection factor. Free of Parabens and Mineral Oils.