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19,00 EUR
  Sukar Tea Tree Moisturising Lotion   Refreshes your skin after hair removal. Ideal as a daily moisturiser. Directions: Apply to clean skin, massage until fully absorbed.
17,10 EUR
Sukar Tee Tree Antiseptic Skin Wash Hygienic wash to help protect against bacteria before and after procedures. Directions: Apply as soap, wash thoroughly and rinse off.
12,16 EUR
Sukar Face & Body Pre-Wipes Antiseptic cleanser to remove creams, deodorants and body oils prior to treatment.        
13,40 EUR
ItalWax Pre Wax Sandal Wood Oil A gentle natural oil, based on natural vegetal components, is used to prepare the skin for the wax depilation procedure. Works towards easy wax application. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving it smooth and well-groomed after the hair removal procedure. Thanks to the essential sandalwood oil content, it has antiseptic, healing and soothing properties. The luxurious aroma of natural sandalwood turns waxing into an exquisite Spa procedure.      
12,26 EUR
Sukar Pure Talcum Powder For best results, skin must be dry. Dry thoroughly, and dust skin lightly with Pure Talcum Powder before you wax to secure the skin. Directions: Dust lightly on the skin before treatment

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