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ItalWax After Wax Emulsion, Hair Growth Retardant White Orchid. Easily removes wax residues and feeling of stickiness after epilation, contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients and menthol. Removes redness and irritation. Recommended for use during cold season.
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Sukar Barristrip Depilatory Strips Barristrip non-woven hygienic depilatory strips.    
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Sukar Face & Body Pre-Wipes Antiseptic cleanser to remove creams, deodorants and body oils prior to treatment.        
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SUKAR HAND PASTE - REGULAR Natural, water soluble paste used in the 'Hand Technique' by experienced qualified Sugaring Specialists and Practitioners. A regular formula natural sugar paste for use during the hand sugaring method of hair removal where no epilating strips are required.  
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Depilation set DepilOK
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SUKAR Strip-Sukar Home Kit, Holiday Kit original Egyptian Sugar    
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After depilation Underpil Azulene oil, DepilOK
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DepilOK 100ml Roller Wax Cartige, Carrot Oil
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DepilOK 100ml Roller Wax Cartige, Platinum
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DepilOK 100ml Roller Wax Cartige, ChocoGold
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Roial LATTE Wax
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Purgivaha, depileerimisvaha, CLOROFILLA
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Sukar Pure Talcum Powder For best results, skin must be dry. Dry thoroughly, and dust skin lightly with Pure Talcum Powder before you wax to secure the skin. Directions: Dust lightly on the skin before treatment
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Depileve ParaClean 220ml, Specially formulated to remove paraffin from warmer, floors, table tops and trolleys. Not for use on skin.
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ItalWax Post-Depil Lotion, Azuilene Does not leave greasiness sensation on the skin. Perfectly cleans skin from the wax residues. Dries quickly and has slightly cooling effect. Directions: apply to the skin after hair removal with light massage movements until complete removal of the wax. Storage: store in a dry place at room temperature. Shelf life: 3 years.
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ItalWax Post-Depil Lotion, Orange Post-depil lotion contains natural orange oil. Does not leave greasiness sensation on the skin. Perfectly cleans skin from the wax residues due to orange terpene (natural product extracted orange peel). Dries quickly and has slightly cooling effect. Directions: apply to the skin after hair removal with light massage movements until complete removal of the wax. Storage: store in a dry place at room temperature. Shelf life: 3 years.
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ItalWax Post-Depil Oil, Lemon Oil with lemon extract. Easily removes wax residue after depilation, protects, moisturizes and soothes the skin. To be used after hair removal on any body area. It has antiseptic properties. Method of application: apply to the skin after hair removal with light massage movements until complete removal of the wax. Storage: store in a dry place at room temperature. Shelf life: 3 years.
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Depil Ok Canned Wax Application without strips. Disposable wax with a low temperature and which is applied in very thin layers. Perfect for the waxing of intimate areas where the hair is rebellious and the skin more sensitive. Pink colour with a light citrus scent. · 800 g container.
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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shave Gel What it does The rich foam cools skin and provides a clean, close shave, making skin refreshed and renewed. How it works Special skin conditioners help soothe and protect, while tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender awaken the senses. Added bonus Moisturizes to help protect from razor burn.      
Rica Liposoluble Wax With Argan Oil Thanks to the moisturising and soothing properties of ArgainOil, this was leaves the skin smooth and it is particularly indicated for sensitive skin. Indicated for most body parts. Its consistency makes it easy to spread evenly. Formulated without Colophony, won't irritate skin. How to use: Remove lid, place container in wax heater at maximum temperature level until a liquid consistency is achieved, then set the unit at the desired working temperature. With spatula, apply a thin coat of wax at a 45 degrees angle in direction of hair growth. Work in small sections until familiar with the procedures involved. Hold skin taut and pull off wax with one quick motion in opposite direction of hair growth keeping non-woven strip close to the skin as possible. Apply firm pressure to epilated area with the cushion of your fingers or palm of hand to calm skin. Apply RICA  post-depilatory product to remove any wax residue and to condition and refine pores.    
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ItalWax Pre-Depil Gel Cleans and deoils the skin and prepares it to the depilation procedure. Gel is convenient to use on small surfaces (armpit, bikini, face). Very economical in use. Apply to skin before the depilation with light massage movements. Keep in dry place with room temperature.
ItalWax Pre-Depil Lotion Removes residual cosmetics, degreases the skin, lifts the hair. Contains Aloe Vera extract, which does not allow drying of the skin. Cheap for using on large areas (legs, arms, back). Apply to skin before the depilation with light massage movements. Keep in dry place with room temperature.
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Ro.ial Chocolate Depilatory Hot Wax Heat the wax in the heater at a temperature 60 º C - 70 º C for the first heating, then reduce temperature to 40 º C and the wax is ready. Apply wax on the skin in the direction of hair growth. Put strips on wax and pull in the opposite direction of hair growth.
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Chocolate Depilatory Hot Wax, 1000g.
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Depilation papers, Roial Gold Collection, Black, 100psc, 7x20cm.    
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Rica After Wax Rose Lotion Rica presents this ‘Rose after Wax Lotion’, which will help you get a refreshing and soothing skin after hair removal. Perfect for all skin types, this lotion will leave a cooling effect on the skin, which will refresh your skin and reduce burning effect after waxing. The calming astringent properties of the wild rose help the closing of dilated pores while giving hydration and elasticity to the skin. It's unqiue formula enriched with Essential and vegetable oils smoothly removes wax residue. Rose After Wax Lotion Spray CHARACTERISTICS Gentle after waxing lotion smoothly removes any wax residues. Rose Extract guarantees a calming and soothing action on to the skin after depilation. INGREDIENTS-ACTION Rose Extract Renowned for its calming soothing properties, guarantees a gentle treatment after waxing. Vitamin E A potent anti-oxidant that protects the surface of the skin. Sunflower Oil Renowned for its antioxidant, nourishing and soothing action. Sweet Almond Oil Renowned for its natural soothing and emollient action, it permits a perfect and delicate depilation. Jojoba Oil Jojoba is a small shrub whose fruits are rich in proteins and nutrients. Its oil is an excellent nourishing treatment for the skin. RESULTS It calms and soothes the skin after depilation RECOMMENDED FOR Sensitive skin, All skin HOW TO USE After waxing, spray onto the skin. Massage gently to remove any residual wax. SIZE AVAILABLE 250 ml  
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PANDHYS Sweet & Easy Flex Epil Strips 4 Strips 4x70x1500mm for PANDHYS Sweet & Easy Sugar Gel 
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Sukar After Wax-Sugar Tea-Tree Lotion Moisturise the skin after hair removal. Use both wax and sugar. Directions: Apply to skin to clean remaning wax.
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Sukar Tee Tree Antiseptic Skin Wash Hygienic wash to help protect against bacteria before and after procedures. Directions: Apply as soap, wash thoroughly and rinse off.
Pandhys Rathany Calming and Hydrating Lotion This lotion consists of several calming and soothing ingredients, also contains natural krameria triandra extract, therefore, gently soothes and protects even sensitive skin. Krameria triandra is known by it’s gentle but very intensive anti-inflammatory effect, and it also helps to close the pores after treatment. This lotion is formulated for hydrating the skin after the sugaring treatment.  
Depileve Depilbox Classic waxing papers 23 x 7,5cm.
Pandhys ACV Cure Lotion The  apple cedar vinegar in ACV body lotion has been used and recognized in folkloristic medicine as a true miracle worker, and rightly so. This product has excellent anti-inflammatory, calming and epithelis-regenerating  properties.  It has a beneficial effect on the collagen matrix, and the supporting cells as well.  We recommend  it for everyday use and care as an all-over body lotion, it stops itchy, red skin, and allergic skin reactions.   It makes an excellent anti-inflammatory, skin contracting mask when used as a basic crème, and works  wonders when massaged into dandruff-seborrhoeaic skin, combined with a few drops of Miraculum oil.    TIP: We recommend its use as an after-shave for men with sensitive skin, instead of the traditional aftershave  lotion.
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Depileve Natural refill wax, 100ml.
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Depileve Aloe Vera refill wax, 100ml.
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Strictly Professional Bellitas Luxury Creme Wax with Beeswax and Calendula Oil A luxury pearlised wax with the added benefit of calendula oil for its anti-inflammatory properties and beeswax for its adhesion properties ensuring effective hair removal. Suitable for all areas of the body. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Follow manufacturers instructions for the wax heater as this wax may be heated in the tub or decanted into the wax pot. Warm wax is applied in a thin layer in the direction of the hair growth and removed using a paper or fabric strip of your choice pulling against the hair growth. For professional use only.
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DepilOK 100ml Roller Wax Cartige with milk proteins for sensitive skin, soft aroma
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DepilOK Natural brazilian wax
Strictly Professional Wax heater
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Bellitas Wax heater for 800 ml waxes or parafin, 300 wt
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Bellitas Wax heater for 800 ml waxes or parafin, 300 wt
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Green Depilatory Hot Wax, Verde, 1000g.
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Depilation set Roial Kristal Epilation kit
Sukar Fabric waxing strips Fabric Waxing strips used to remove warm wax.  Strong fabric for faster, effective hair removal.
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RICA Azulene Liposoluble Wax Refill For sensitive skin The brilliant blue of our most popular wax brightens the depilation experience. Our simple formulation is both gentle to the skin and effective for depilation. • Superior pliability for quick application • Fragrance free for sensitive clients • Vegetable oils leave skin moisturized • Colophony free, won’t irritate skin • Exceptional results, even on short or coarse hairs   Vegetable oil: nourish, moisturize and protect the skin during and after depilation.   Other ingredients   • Glyceryl Rosinate
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ItalWax Hot Film Wax in Granules, Plum Depilation procedure for film hot waxes ItalWax: 1. Preheat wax for working temperature of 45'degrees. 2. Treat depilation area with alcohol-containing lotion to degrease the skin and remove residues of cosmetic products. 3. Apply small amount of talc. 4. Apply with spatula a thin layer of wax regardless of hair growth direction but towards you, leaving a small "lobe" which will be later used as a grip (aim to perform armpit depilation in one application). ATTENTION! Do not rush during application, press spatula thoroughtly with necessary force. 5. Wax will harden in 5-6 seconds. During this period wax will catch all hairs completely (when touching, ready for removal wax should not stick to the hand). 6.Preliminarily stretching the skin in direction opposite from the tear-off, remove wax with fast movement away from yourself and parallel to the skin. 7. Repeat procedure at the next section. 8. Upon completion of depilation treat skin with soothing, cooling, oil-free product. 1000g Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct light.    
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DepilOK 100ml Roller Wax Cartige, Natural