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Kardashian Sun Kissed Body Exfoliator Body scrub. Exfoliating Beads: Added exfoliating beads and volcanic ash for smoother, softer skin. Crushed Stones:These stones help gently exfoliate skin to allow for even, long lasting results. Walnut Shell Powder:This natural exfoliant helps to smooth and prepare skin for more even sunless results. Aloe Vera:This plant-based extract is known for its effective skin healing, soothing and moisturizing properties. It helps keep the skin conditioned during tanning and throughout the day. Red Tea:This natural antioxidant helps protect skin against free radicals. Pure Sunshine Fragrance:Has top notes of citrus berry combine with musk and light woods to keep you smelling fresh and clean. Paraben Free
9,95 EUR
Cocoa Deluxe Double Sided Tanning Mitt     Stain-free hands     A smooth velvet surface for a flawless tanning application every time     Machine washable for durable, long lasting use again and again! Instructions : Place your hand inside the mitt. Apply a coin sized amount of Cocoa Brown Tan of to the velvety soft surface and buff onto clean, dry skin in long strokes. Can be used with all Cocoa Brown tan products.
19,00 EUR
ST.Tropez Instant Tan Body Gloss For an instant high shine effect with a touch of bronze. This new lightweight gloss can be used to enhance an existing tan or on its own for an instant boost. Layer to achieve your desired sheen. Give your skin an instant high shine and luminous effect with our new no commitment wash off formula.
6,00 EUR
ST.Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt What is it? A soft, spongy Mitt that helps evenly distribute tanning mousse, gel or lotion onto the skin for streak-free results. Who is it for? Anyone looking for an even tan with no messy tan residue left on hands. Why is it different?   These applicators give even and smooth results. The water-resistant barrier ensures fingers remain unstained as you glide on your product.Remove the mitt from the plastic outer wrap, put onto hand, pump tanning mousse or lotion onto the mitt, and apply. To clean, soak in soapy water, rinse, and let dry.