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Chemi-Pharm Chemisept FG, Quick Acting Disinfectant of Feet and Footwear Effective agent for fast disinfection and prevention of foot fungi. The product has a wide fungicidal and bactericidal effect, being able to destroy Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and viruses. It is very effective against dermatophytes, yeast and mould fungi. It is suitable for fast disinfection of alcohol resistant footwear. Reduces sweating of the feet and thereby avoids unpleasant odors. Eliminates an environment suitable for fungal diseases of the nails and skin. Natural oils contained in the product help restore the protective functions of the skin. pH 6,5 - 7,5
Chemi-Pharm Chemisept G, Quick Acting Alcoholic Skin Antiseptic The product is for colourless surgical antisepsis of the skin. The product has a broad fungicidal and bactericidal effect, being able to destroy Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria (incl. Mycobaterium terrae) and fungi, deactivates viruses (HBV, HIV, HCV, Vaccinia, Herpes simplex, Adeno, Rota). The effect of the product lasts 3 hours. pH 6,5–7,5. The product meets the requirements of EN 12054, EN 14348 and EN 12791.
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GMT Body Natura Concept Relaxing Anti Swelling Gel for Legs RELAXING ANTI SWELLING GEL FOR LEGS: effective anti-edema and anti-heavy legs gel with moisturizing effect. The carefully selected specific natural ingredients provide improving effect of lymphatic and venous drainage. Use: in the morning and/or evening on the clean skin when necessary or if you feel your legs are heavy.  
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GMT Expecting Draining Gel Heavy Legs Gel for pregnant and breastfeeding women, helping solve the problem of swollen, tired, overstressed and buzzing legs. The purest gel composition gently protects the health of veins and   capillaries, tones up, reduces sensitivity and inflammations.  
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SÜDAcare Ice Gel Refreshes tired, heated feet. Particularly refreshing after long periods of standing, but also strong sporty wear and tear. Cool Effect with long-term effect due to a high content of menthol. Extra care of stressed skin thanks to extracts of chamomile and moisturising substances as well as valuable essential oils. 
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Pronails Foot Care A' Septic Blue Spray, Deep Cleansing Nails and Feet Lotion Professional use only.
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Pronails Foot Care Massage Balm A non-occlusive massage formula used to conclude the pedicure service.  Massage lotion for efficient deep tissue treatment.  Infuses essential moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients for immediate absorption deep into the layers of the epidermis.  Allows enough slip, ideal for in-depth massage of feet and lower legs.  Result: Healed and healthy soft feet feeling silky soft.  Very economic in use!

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