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SLIMMING GEL, GMT HOME and PROFESSIONAL LINE A gel which improves microcirculation, breaks up fat and has ananti-cellulite effect.Suitable for use in both manual and apparatus procedures. Main Active Ingredients Tripeptide 3 (Tripeptide-3); Bladder wrack (Fucus vesiculosus) extract; Ivy(Hedera helix) extract; Ginger (Zingiber officinale) extract; Green tea (Camelliasinensis) extract; Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) extract. Effects The phytoactive extracts present in the gel help to restore correct blood circulation and metabolism in tissue affected by cellulite. The high mineral content speeds upmetabolic processes within the body (precipitating the breaking up of fat). Minerals stabilize the water and salt balance.This gel improves lymph and venous drainage and frees inter cellular space fornormal lymph flow, and stimulates metabolism of fat (lipolysis). The phytoactive components in the product’s ingredients are augmented by newly discovered peptides which function at molecular level. They can replace natural peptides, which regulate the functioning of each cell. Tripeptide renews cellular energy reserves, nurtures lipolytic processes in adipocytes and improves skinregeneration. Use This product is used for body contouring procedures: to split local fat accumulations, in anti-cellulite procedures (during the 1st-2nd-3rd stage of cellulite), and in proceduresaimed at reducing body mass.Recommended before body application procedures (algae wraps, mud compresses,peat compresses and clay and cream based masks), before body form correctingmassages (lipossages, modelling massages, lymph drainage, vacuum massages, etc.).The special product ingredients give the gel high electro-conductivity and optimalenvironmental pH level which means they can be used in electro-therapy and sonartherapy, e.g. in lipolysis with ultrasound or microcurrents. Important! This product can be used in cases of reticular and spider veins, as well as f
GMT Beauty Expecting Anti-Stretch Mark Massage Cream The massage cream is a perfect solution for pregnant and lactating women for effectively combating the appearance of new and already existing stretch marks. An effective combination of 100 % natural components together with the patented REGU®-STRETCH formulae created especially   for an anti-stretch mark treatment.  
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GMT Beauty Lift & Volume Buttocks Cream LIFT & VOLUME BUTTOCKS CREAM: An actively warming up cream for buttocks skin  with double effect. Biologically active ingredients of coffee provide anti-cellulite  impact, while Volumfоrming technology (for volume and resilience) treats skin as an  architect to all its layers (epidermis, derma, subdermal layer, and fat cells –  adipocytes). Buttock skin becomes resilient, loose skin restores itself and becomes  healthy, buttocks become more expressive.   Effects: The product intensively activates metabolism in subcutaneous fat. Chilli pepper  extract (Capsicum Frutescens) widens superficial and subdermal blood vessels,  promoting blood supply to cellulite affected areas. Highly effective correcting and  body shaping mix of components – SVELTAM™, derived from coffee in combination  with seaweed and green tea active complex activates metabolism in fat cells,  noticeably reducing stored fat and smoothing body lines. The reconstructive complex  consists of natural ingredients: Gotu Kola leaf extract (Centella Asiatica), horsetail  extract (Equisetum Arvense), green tea extract (Camelia Sinensis) and a mixture of  naturally active oils, it moisturizes, softens and nourishes skin. As a result it restores  skin matrix in tissues damaged by cellulite. Volumform combines amino acids and  fatty acids, which regulate essential processes in skin and subdermal layer, optimizing  metabolism and self-renewal capacity. VOLUFORM provides double effect – volume  and resilience. It naturally restores fibroblast structure and intercellular matrix by  activating reconstructive capacity in conjunctive tissues. It moisturizes skin and    enriches it with energy. Consequently buttock becomes resilient and attractive.   
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GMT Lift & Volume Breast Cream LIFT & VOLUME BREAST CREAM: Volufirming technology shapes and gives volume to breast, effects on breast skin and décolleté area on all levels: epidermis, derma,  subcutaneous layer (fat cells - adipocytes) activating reconstructive process in  conjunctive tissues. It refreshes décolleté skin, makes it radiant, and efficiently fills  fine lines.    Effects: The product reduces hormonal and age-related changes in skin structure (for example  reduction of volume or elasticity, wrinkles in décolleté and breast area (during  pregnancy or lactation), as well as photoaging skin). VOLUFORM – lipo-amino acids,  providing double effect, volume and resilience. Shape-generating isoleucine combines  amino acids and fatty acids, which regulate different dermal and subdermal  processes, optimizing metabolism and self-renewal capacity. It naturally restores  subdermal adipocytes production, the breast gets volume. In addition it activates  reconstructive process in conjunctive tissues to restore fibroblasts structure and  intercellular matrix. As a result shaping beautiful décolleté area. The cream is rich in  antioxidants (polyphenols, flavonoids, and gallates) to fight against free radicals and  protect skin from sun radiation. The cream is rich in active ingredients, enhancing  skin regeneration, promoting its protective properties, defending from moisture loss;  39 it softens, moisturizes and nourishes skin. It boosts immune system and promotes skin    metabolism.
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GMT Beauty Advanced Anti-Cellulite Cream ADVANCED ANTI-CELLULITE CREAM: Actively warming up anti-cellulite cream based  on biologically active components of coffee and natural phyto extracts complex  promotes blood circulation, lymphatic and venous outflow. It affects all types of  cellulite, splits fat and enhances skin condition.   Effects: The cream with body shaping effect is designed to fight against cellulite at 3-4 stage.  It effectively deals with all cellulite types: edematic, subcutaneous fat, lack of  tonicity and resilience of skin. Active phytoextracts release intercellular matrix and  enhance lymphatic and venous outflow. The product promotes blood circulation  subcutaneous layer. Chilli pepper extract (Capsicum Frutescens) widens superficial  and subdermal blood vessels, promoting blood supply to cellulite affected areas. Anti- cellulite phytoextracts complex – brown seaweed extract (Fucus Vesiculosus), ivy  extract (Hedera Helix), ginger extract (Zingiber Officinale), horsetail extract  (Aesculus Hippocastanum), green tea extract (Camelia Sinensis) and body shaping mix  of four highly efficient ingredients SVELTAM™, biotechnologically derived from coffee  beans (Caffeine, Theobromine, MethylXanthine, Paraxanthnine) activates fat cells  metabolism, noticeable reducing stored fat and smoothing body lines. Restoring  ingredients – Gotu Kola leaf extract (Centella Asiatica), ivy extract (Equisetum  Arvense) and green tea extract (Camelia Sinensis), moisturize, soften and nourish    skin. As a result the product enhances skin matrix in the tissues damaged by cellulite.  
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GMT Beauty Firming Cream FIRMING CREAM: The cream shapes body curves, restoring skin structure and  promoting formation of conjunctive tissues. It enhances skin regeneration and inhibits  the process of aging. Handpicked and balanced out natural ingredients refreshes skin,  making it radiant and resilient.   Effects: Skin restoring complex of Gotu Kola leaf extract (Centenella Asiatica) and horsetail  extract (Equisetum Arvense) are natural sources of silica. In its turn acerola fruit  extract (Malpighia Glabra) is rich in vitamin C. Apple seed extract (Pyrus malus)  contains plant-derived hormones – phytosterins, as well as vitamin E. Silica, vitamin C  and phytosterins promote production of hydroxyproline – an amino acid on the stage  of procollagen production. Collagen creates skin matrix, the main skin support  structure. Due to collagen the quality of conjunctive tissue gets restored, as well as  their ability to absorb water. As a result skin becomes resilient, smooth and radiant.  Selected top-quality oils with the effect of inhibiting senescence process and  moisturizing ingredients enhance skin regeneration, promote protective properties of  skin, protect skin from moisture loss, soften, moisturize and nourish skin. The cream  is rich in antitoxins (polyphenols, flavonoids, and gallates) to fight against free    radicals.
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GMT Beauty Antioxidant Skin Repair Cream ANTIOXIDANT SKIN REPAIR CREAM: Rich in natural antioxidants complex for fighting  against free radicals, the cream efficiently nourishes and protects skin from  premature aging.   Effects: The body cream inhibits process of aging due to high antioxidants content. The  antioxidants (combination of vitamin C and vitamin E), wheat germ oil (Triticum  Vulgare), acerola fruit extract (Malpighia Glabra), buckbean leaf extract (Menyanthes  Trifoliata) neutralize free radicals and promote protective properties of skin. Free  radical are active particles of molecules of different kind, a by-product of metabolism  and environmental impact, such as the sun radiation, UV-rays, X-rays, radioactive  gamma-rays, cigarette smoke, urban smog. It negatively influences unprotected cells,  resulting in their destruction. Visually it can be seen as signs of aging: thinning of  skin, wrinkles. The cream is rich in vitamins to protect skin from elasticity loss, it  helps preserve and restore skin resilience. Acerola fruit extract is a powerful  antioxidant, which helps promote functioning of other vitamins, for example vitamin  E. Vitamin C is also essential for conjunctive tissues formation. Wheat germ oil  (Triticum Vulgare) is a natural source of vitamin E. Ingredients which have a  beneficial effect on skin: olive tree oil (Olea Europaea), sweet almond oil (Prunus  Amygdalus Dulcis). Skin moisturizers – the molecules of PENTAVITIN® (Saccharide  Isomerate) biotechnologically produced from plants and hydrolyzed wheat protein –  maintain optimum hydration level in skin, smooth skin and make it radiant. Selected    top-quality oils soften and nourish skin.
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GMT Beauty Active Drainage Gel ACTIVE DRAINAGE GEL: The drainage gel based on natural extracts complex reduces  puffiness, optimizes functions of lymphatic and venous systems. It moisturizes skin  and fights against cellulite exposure in the initial stage. Recommended for manual  and machine cosmetology.   Effects: Ivy and horsetail phytoextracts forming part of the gel enhance blood circulation and  body metabolism; optimize functions of lymphatic and venous systems, which are  responsible for lead-out of organic and inorganic toxins, and help fight against  cellulite exposure in the initial stage. Intercellular matrix gets cleansed, thus  optimizing lymphatic outflow. Inflammatory process gets reduced, blood circulation  gets normalized, which promotes metabolism. Gotu Kola leaf extract has  strengthening and toning effects on skin, helping to reduce capillary fragility and to  maintain healthy veins. Lemon peel extract is known for its diuretic property; it    provides optimal liquid balance in tissues, which is essential for cellulite removal.
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GMT Beauty Recontouring Gel RECONTOURING GEL: Cooling gel with a strengthening and shaping effect based on natural extracts. It efficiently slows down the process of aging, enhances skin  elasticity and resilience. Recommended for manual and machine cosmetic  treatments.   Effects: The product is perfect for body shaping; it restores the tonicity of skin. Deep skin  moisturizer – the molecules of PENTAVITIN® (Saccharide Isomerate), produced  biotechnologically, actively pull in water and provide deep and lasting moisturization  of skin. In its turn lactic acid, due to the synthesis of intercellular matrix –  glycosaminoglycan, normalizes the process of epithelialization, moisturizes skin and  promotes skin elasticity. Active phytoextracts - Gotu Kola leaf extract (Centella  Asiatica) and horsetail extract (Equisetum Arvense) – are natural sources of silica.  Organic silica rises the level of hydroxyproline, an amino acid, thus promoting the  synthesis of conjunctive tissues of skin. Silica strengthens conjunctive tissues and  enhances skin elasticity. Phytohormones found in apple seed oil protect and restore    skin elasticity and resilience, has a beneficial effect on inhibiting process of aging.
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GMT Beauty Shaping Gel SHAPING GEL: The shaping gel with a light warming effect based on biologically  active substances of coffee beans, which enable the process of lipolysis, shapes and  consolidates body lines. The product has anti-cellulite effect. It can be used in  manual and machine cosmetic treatments.   Effects: The gel’s components responsible for the process of lipolysis - SVELTAM™ - compose  the innovative, highly efficient active ingredient, produced biotechnologically and  created by the formation of four powerful components: Caffeine, Theobromine,  Methylxantine, Paraxantine. SVELTAM™ has double effect: it promotes lipolysis – fat  splitting, and at the same time it reduces lipogenesis – the generation of new fat  cells. Ginger extract and green tea extract help to restore the right blood circulation  and fat metabolism.  Contains active phytoextracts, such as brown seaweed extract  (Fucus Vesiculosus), ivy extract (Hedera helix), ginger extract (Zingiber Officinale),  green tea extract (Camellia Sinensis), horse chestnut extract (Aesculus  Hippocastanum). Horse chestnut extract and ivy extract enhance lymphatic and  venous blood outflow and release intercellular matrix, thus helping the removal of  split fat. The antioxidants of silica, green tea, and improve skin health.
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GMT Beauty Moisturising Dermoprotect Cleanser MOISTURISING DERMOPROTECT CLEANSER: A soft and gentle cleansing and  moisturizing shower gel. It cleanses, softens and moisturizes skin, preserving its  elasticity and natural skin protecting property.   Effects: It gently cleans skin without dehydrating it, at the same time preserving its natural  protective barrier. It perfectly reduces skin dryness, softens, moisturizes, and makes  skin radiant. Under regular usage the gel maintains the elasticity of skin. Lactic acid  normalizes the process of epithelialization, fosters the strengthening of hydrolipidic  film – the synthesis of ceramides, moisturizes skin and promotes skin elasticity,  provides the synthesis of intercellular matrix – glycosaminoglycan. The molecules of  PENTAVITIN® (Saccharide Isomerate) continue to moisturize skin even after rinsing off    the gel.
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GMT Beauty Triple Action Scrub TRIPLE ACTION SCRUB: The scrub excellently removes rough and dry skin. Natural ingredients and perfectly balanced pH level actively cleanse and moisturize skin. The  scrub softens skin and makes it radiant.   Effects: The scrub gently removes dead epidermal cells and reduces skin dryness, preparing  epidermis for further application of active substances. The product normalizes the  process of epithelialization, promotes the strengthening of protective skin barrier –  the synthesis of ceramides, moisturizes skin and promotes skin elasticity, provides the  synthesis of intercellular matrix – glycosaminoglycan. It actively moisturizes,  nourishes and renovates skin.  Natural foamer is derived from South American soap  bark tree (Quillaja Saponaria Extract), maize and coconuts (Decyl Glucoside),  combined with water it forms a soft, non-irritating foam. Moisturizing ingredients are  hydrolyzed wheat protein and lactic acid. The product prepares your body for further  esthetic procedures. Under regular usage the scrub enhances the elasticity of skin and    helps maintain its resilience.  
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Strictly Professional Bellitas Contourgel Contour Gel is a superior body wrap gel. Into an aloe vera gel, a blend of zedoary, cinnamon, ginger and tea tree oil have been added. The Contour Gel has been formulated to assist inch loss, cellulite and lymphatic drainage as part of the total Strictly Professional Body Contour Wrap Treatment. Directions: Apply the gel to the treatment areas of the body. After a minimum of 5 minutes massage, to each body area, commence body wrapping using Strictly Professional Contour Wrap Bandages.  
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GMT DRAINAGE GEL, PROFESSIONAL LINE An innovative gel with a marked effect improving lymph and venous drainage.Suitable for use in both manual and apparatus procedures. Main Active Ingredients Asian centenella (Centella Asiatica) leaf extract, Ivy (Hedera helix) extract; Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) extract; Lemon peel (CitrusMedica Limonum) extract. Effects This gel reduces edema. Feet regain a feeling of lightness and acquire a beautifully formed shape and wonderful appearance. The product improves blood circulation and tissue metabolism, ensuring optimal functioning of the lymphatic and venous system which binds and expels toxins of inorganic and organic origin and help to prevent cellulite at the initial stage (1st stage of cellulite). This drainage gel reduces the unpleasant burning feeling in the legs, as well as restoring the legs’ feeling of well-being and comfort thanks to the presence of moisturising polymers and polyols. The product contains hederin, rutin and escin which strengthen capillary walls and reduce their permeability. They also reduce inflammatory processes within tissue and renew blood circulation and metabolism. Frees inter-cellular space for normal lymph flow. The properties of Asian centenella leaf extract strengthen and tone the skin. It helps to preserve the health of capillaries and veins, as well as the elasticity and firmness of skin. Lemon peel extract has diuretic properties. It ensures an optimal balance of fluid which is required to prevent cellulite. Use Recommended before body application procedures (algae wraps, mud compresses, peat compresses and clay and cream based masks) and before body form correcting massages (lymph drainage, vacuum massages, air boots, etc.).The special product ingredients give the gel high electro-conductivity and an optimal environmental pH level which means they can be used in electro-therapy and sonar therapy, (e.g. in toning procedures with ultrasound or micro
GMT Expecting Peel-Off Anti-Stretch Mask Effect - All of the mask components take care of every pregnant woman's skin. The wide-influence spectrum combats existing stretch marks and the appearance of the future stretch marks thanks to improvement of skin regeneration processes: the generation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, remineralisation, skin nourishment and blood flow improvement, moisturization, and many more. The active components of blue and green algae possess unique moisturizing characteristics. Spirulina with high content of protein, B-group vitamins and β-carotene nourishes the skin at the cellular level, promotes oxygen supply for the skin and improves blood flow, skin regeneration and its protecting properties. Spirulina has a favourable effect on the capillaries, strengthens them and relieves spasms. Thanks to the multi-functionality of spirulina your skin is regenerated, life processes in the cells are activated, skin elasticity is increased, and the risk of stretch marks is reduced. Algae is rich of natural vitamins, minor nutrients, amino acids and other biologically active substances (moisturisers, antioxidants, etc.). Their combination with marine deposits and salts stimulates cell regeneration processes and reduces the appearance of new stretch marks. Algae also promotes moisture level preservation, and improves skin appearance and quality. Algae is also rich with ferrum that increases general body tone and improves the immune system, beta-carotene and vitamin D inhibit the process of senescence and improve the general skin condition, and oligosaccharides serve as moisturisers, helping to better assimilate active components and create a protective skin barrier. Thanks to the efficiency of algae your skin is regenerated, life processes in the cells are improved, and the risk of stretch marks is reduced. Application: dilute the necessary amount (~100 g