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22,00 EUR
Matis Reponse Corps Roll-On Deodorant Perfect protection. This deodorant helps to neutralise the bacteria responsible for bad and strong odours. The skin freshness is preserved all day long. DEODORANT ACTIVE INGREDIENTS : chlorohydrate of aluminium.            
14,90 EUR
Evolve Cotton Fresh Deodorant Cream A mild deodorant balm blended with delicate organic ingredients protects agains body odour limits the growth of odour bacteria   delivers long-lasting freshness along with 100% natural and hypoallergenic fragrance.
17,00 EUR
 Biodroga Antiperspirant Extra Mild Deodorant Neutralizes body odor and regulates perspiration. It is ideal for use after hair removal. Free of alcohol and perfurme. Extra mild. Pleasantly cool and quick-drying.
16,00 EUR
Biodroga Body Spa Energizing Cream Deodorant Without Aluminium Aluminium and Alcohol Free, long–lasting deodorant. Light cream deodorant with a skin–friendly formula. Offers a 24h sensation of freshness. Provides a cooling action, quick drying. Suitable to be used after hair removal. Leaves no stains, even on silk garments.