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Kitoko™ Oil Treatment An indulgent blend of Karite & Argan Oils, Vitamins A & E & a natural UV Filter. Lightweight formula, ideal for all hair types. Provides intense nourishment, whilst smoothing & strengthening the hair. Restores shine, elasticity & moisture balance, & replenishes brittle hair & split ends. Instant absorption with non-greasy feel & no build up. Reduces drying time.  
Davines OI Beautifying Potion Benefits: extraordinary shine and softness to the hair strong detangling and restructuring action anti-frizz effect strong anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals action How to use: For an anti-frizz effect protective on the hair apply 2-3 squeezes of OI / OIL on damp hair, distributing it evenly on the lengths and ends, then dry. For a shiny and soft finishing apply approximately 2-3 squeezes of OI / OIL to lengths and ends of dry hair. The quantity can vary according to the hair type: use only 1 pump for fine hair, in case of medium or thick hair, start with 2 or 3 pumps and add more product only if needed. Natural Active Ingredients: Roucou oil - prevent hair aging, strong anti-oxidant action;  
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Cutrin BIO+ Energy Boost Scalp Serum for Men Anti-hair loss serum for men Refreshing and energizing scalp serum for men suffering from pre-mature hairloss. Invigorates and helps to encourage new hair growth. Our energy boosting scalp serum is formulated with CUTRIN Recharge Energy -Technology combining a potent antioxidant; natural Nordic pine bark extract and hair growth and strength supporting Procapil® and Redensyl®. NEW CUTRIN BIO+ • New BIO+ addresses dry scalp issues caused by Nordic living conditions and strengthens the fine hair starting from the roots • CUTRIN scalp care products offer extreme care for stressed scalp or fragile hair that require the highest level of restorative care, revitalization and strengthening. These formulas are targeted not only to repair and soothe, but also to fortify and perfect • New formulations are empowered by the active ingredients from Nordic nature BIO+ range was first launched in 1980 and it has been the pioneer in scalp problems already for almost 40 years in the Nordic countries. The concept and the assortment have remained fairly unchanged.   Apply directly onto the scalp from the bottle working section by section. Gently massage with fingertips until absorbed. We recommend to use BIO+ Energy Boost shampoo together with BIO+ Energy Boost scalp serum to get the best result.  
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Tahe Botanic Keratin Gold  Liquid Gold with Keratin, active plant stem cells and argan oil. Combats the signs of aging, reinforcing the inside of the hair, restoring its tone, energy, density, brightness and extreme softness. After washing and before exposing to heated appliances, apply a small quantity of the product to fingertips and comb through the ends of damp hair. Can also be used on dry hair to seal points and areas particularly encespadas. Do not rinse.    

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