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Tandruff sebium control treatment, Greasy hair and scalp with dandruff 12pc.
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Cutrin BIO+ Active Serum, Dandruff Control 3 Very effective conditioning lotion for severe dandruff. This leave-in serum helps remove dandruff and relieves itchiness as well as combats excessive oiliness of the scalp. The product complements the effect of BIO+ Active and Special shampoos. Directions: Apply the serum with the applicator to scalp along small parted sections, once or twice a day. Massage gently until absorbed. Do not rinse. Hair does not need to be washed before each application. For use as a course of treatment or, if needed, for continuous use. Active ingredients: Natural Nordic birch sugar, birch leaf sap extract.  
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Cutrin BIO+ Clear Peel Mask, Dandruff Control 2 An effective product to begin treating difficult, dry to greasy dandruff. Also suitable for peeling and refreshing a healthy scalp. Helps to remove dandruff and itching. First wash hair with BIO+ Shampoo. Then apply the peel mask directly from the tube to the scalp by gently massaging. Leave for 10-20 minutes. Then add some warm water and massage gently before rinsing thououghly. To maintain conditioning effect, use the peel mask once a week or more as needed.
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Pandhy's Skin Renew Coffein Massage Sugar PANDHY’S™ SkinRenew Caffeine massage sugar contains a large amount of caffeine (2%). The fat decomposing effect of caffeine is a long-known fact, problem is only caused by the how-to of the delivery of caffeine to the fat cells. PANDHY’S™ massage sugar, which is nothing other than a pure glucose solution, and is an excellent carrier of caffeine, it penetrates the substance right down to the deep-lying fat tissues.