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Angel en Provence Helichrysum Pure Nourishing Hair Mask Enriched with helichrysum active ingredient with antistatic properties to thoroughly alleviate the irritation to scalp while rejuvenating and revitalizing damaged hair caused by hot styling tools and environmental elements leaving hair refreshing, lustrous and easy for styling. Containing shea butter to deep condition and nourish each hair for a vibrant and healthy look.
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  Tints of Nature Scalp Treatment To reduce irritation and inflammation of the scalp. Tints of Nature Scalp Treatment has been developed to reduce irritation and inflammation of the scalp. It can be used after a hair colour process or shampoo application and contains natural extracts of fennel seed to neutralize any chemicals remaining on the scalp, green seaweed to reduce irritation and certified organic aloe vera to soothe and cool the scalp. This product may also be cooling and soothing to the skin and may reduce soreness and tenderness of the skin. Directions: Remove the chemical service following the manufacturer's instruction. If using Tints of Nature Scalp Treatment after a shampoo application, rinse the hair thoroughly and towel dry.  Spray an even amount of Tints of Nature Scalp Treatment onto the scalp. Apply conditioner over the top. We recommend Tints of Nature Conditioner. Leave on the hair for a full 5 minutes. Then rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water.  
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Davines Naturaltech Calming Superactive It immediately relieves irritation and carries out an effective and long-lasting soothing action. Immediate relief and invigorated, full and soothed scalp. How to use: Apply 2 gr. to sensitised or itching areas. Massage in until completely absorbed. Do not rinse off. Moreover, it can be used also after an anti-dandruff treatment, in the event of sebum hyper-production or dry scalp, since these problems often cause itching. It can be applied at any time if considered useful, not necessarily after a technical service, to feel immediate relief. Natural Active Ingredients:     Zanthoxylum Alatum - soothing anti-inflammatory and anti itching properties;  
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Nouvelle ColorGlow Restructuring Oil Revitalising Treatment Rinse-off treatment for treated, dry or coloured hair. Revitalises sensitised hair damaged by treatments and the elements. Package contains 10x 10ml monodoses. Use: emulsify the product by massaging gently and comb through to distribute it evenly. Leave in place then rinse.    
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Lakmé K.Therapy Sensitive Relaxing Night Drops, Sensitive Hair and Scalp A scalp calming lotion for sensitive or irritated skin, provides immediate comfort and calming when applied. Specifically for use at night. Benefits: - Calms and hydrates sensitive scalp. - Eliminates flakiness and itching. - Balances the scalp. - Immediate comfort and freshness. - Non-oily texture, penetrates the hair immediately without leaving any residuess. Active ingredients: Cotton peptides: Softening, smoothing. Hydrating of scalp, reduction of flaking and itching. Aloe Vera: Softening, hydrating, healing. Reduces erythema. Natural Betaine (sugar beet extract): Hydrating, anti-irritant. Balances the scalp and returns it to normal. Bisabolol (camomile extract): Anti-inflammatory. Reduction of flaking, irritation and itching. Menthol: Refreshing. Immediate comfort and freshness. SPA Components: Water from the Zermatt glacier. Water containing minerals and oligoelements with decongestant and natural properties which soften and protect the skin. Relaxing fragrance: A fresh and relaxing, rugged fragrance, with notes of sage and ginseng. APPLICATION AND FREQUENCY OF USE: Apply to the scalp, particularly to sensitive areas. Massage gently to help the product penetrate. DO NOT RINSE. Instantaneous penetration. Non-oily. It can be used everyday, particularly at night, or whenever an immediate calming effect is required.
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Sim Sensitive System 4 Moisture Scalp Lotion M  Moisturizing scalp leave-in treatment to help soothe sensitive or irritated scalp. Regulates moisture balance and promotes scalp well-being. Can be used daily. Gentle creamy lotion to moisturize and offer long lasting scalp protection: Soothing and moisturizing Suitable for scalp and face application Can be used as an aftershave cream to soothe irritated skin Can be applied to scalp prior to hair color application for additional protection pH 5,5
C:EHKO 2-6 Special Mask Scalp & Hair Service Mask STRENGTHENING MASK FOR LONG, DIFFICULT-TO-MANAGE HAIR pH 4.5 – 5.5 Aloe vera, wheat protein and black cumin oil give hair the optimal cocktail of nutrients and leave it feeling silky and soft. Depending on the length of hair, distribute 2 – 3 hazelnut-sized amounts evenly throughout towel-dried hair and leave in for at least 10 minutes. Rinse well.    

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