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Echosline Sun Hair Care, Hydrating instant conditioner 250ml Nourishing conditioner enriched with vitamin E, moisturizes dehydrated hair after sun exposure play an effective detangling and softening action.  
Dancoly Paris Argan Active Oxygen Instant Repair Conditioner Argan oil enriched with natural vitamin E, essential fatty acid and linoleic acid effectively repairs hair splits, dryness and maintains moisture. OPUNTIA TUNA extract has special moisturizing antioxidant ingredient to protect hair from sunlight damage and supplement nutrients to hair, leaving it shining with healthy luster. Directions for use: Apply to damp hair. Leave in for 1-3 minutes and rinse off.
Paul Mitchell Original The Detangler What it does Detangles and conditions medium to coarse hair as it smoothes, softens and prevents moisture loss. How it works Grape seed oil provides instant conditioning, detangling and shine. Carrot extract, rich in beta-carotene, acts as a natural UV absorber. Added bonus Guards vulnerable strands from sun damage.
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Macadamia Endless Summer Sun & Surf Conditioner A replenishing conditioner that safeguards against humidity and harmful UV rays. It protects against moisture loss and seals out harsh summer elements, leaving hair feeling hydrated and smooth with more manageability and less damaged ends.    
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Londa Professional Sun Spark Leave - In Conditioning Lotion Deeply nourishes and instantly protects hair from damaging UV rays. Use before, during and after sunbathing for softer, shinier hair. With mandarine extract and macadamia seed oil.
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Estel Curex Sunflower Conditioner For Sun Damaged Hair Contains UV filter protecting hair in the sunshine or in a solarium. Chitosan regenerates hydrobalance of overdried and brittle hair. Bee wax forms a protective microfilm, giving hair radiant shine and silkiness.
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Angel Professional Summer Relax Conditioner Enriched with the pith of natural plants along with sunflower and peppermint oils combining to provide protection against the sun's UV rays. Filled with natural nutrients that assist damaged hair to regain strenght whilst providing and energetic shine. Directions: After shampooing, apply a liberal amount and gently work through wet hair. Leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.  

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