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Angel Deep Cleansing Shampoo Professionally formulated to remove excess secretions of the sebaceous glands (oil) from the hair and scalp. Removing unwanted oil is just one important function. The other function works by its especial use before perm and dye. It also penetrates damaged hair to strengthen and protect against additional damage. It works immediately, rinses cleanly and won't coat your hair. Directions for use: Shampoo, rinse off and repeat if necessary.
Estel Curex De Luxe Shampoo Deep Cleansing Intensively cleanses all hair. Creates hair for further treatment. It has elasticity and care.
Estel Princess Essex Deep Cleansing Shampoo Deep cleansing shampoo for all types of hair provitamin B5 and keratin complex.  
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Cutrin Pure ISM Shampoo This refreshing shampoo gently but effectively deep cleanses hair of impurities and residues from styling substances. Shampoo is suitable for all hair types (also color treated hair), the deep cleansing shampoo leaves both hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean. The Arctic Active compound’s active ingredients of xylitol, arctic blueberry and D-panthenol moisturize hair and refresh the scalp. Result: clean & moisturized hair Directions: Deep cleanse hair 2–4 times each month or whenever hair feels extra dirty. Apply shampoo to damp hair. Lather and rinse. Active ingredients: arctic blueberry, birch sugar  
Goldwell DualSenses Scalp Specialist, Deep Cleansing Shampoo Goldwell Dualsenses Scalp Specialist Deep Cleansing Shampoo is a purifying shampoo especially formulated to deeply cleanse over burdened and oily hair. Formulated with Zink-PCA and chelating agents, this cleanser regulates the production of sebum, preventing the quick formation of grease. The build-up of styling products and chlorine is gently, yet effectively removed and hair is left visibly healthy and glossy, whilst scalp is fresh and clear.
Kitoko Purifying Cleanser for Removing Build-Up ASP Kitoko Purifying Cleanser with Mahogany Wood, Green Tea, Fire Tulip and Karite For removing build-up Sulfate-Free Purifying Cleanser blends specific natural African plant extracts with the unique Electron Acceptor Technology. This ultra-gentle cleanser has been created for use before chemical treatments, and to remove product build-up from the hair. Mahogany Wood, Green Tea, Fire Tulip, Karite, Vitamins A, E, NMF combine to ensure a thorough detox whilst leaving the hair soft and manageable. Color-safe formula.
Davines SOLU Shampoo Ideal for all hair types. Its formula is designed to cleanse all hair types in depth. It is particularly designed for those who use styling products or in preparation for a perm service. Its foam is rich but airy. How to use: Apply to wet hair. Massage gently and rinse. Repeat shampoo application, then apply the most appropriate conditioner if needed. Natural Active Ingredients:     Buckwheat from Valtellina - it is rich in antioxidants     Mixture of mild surfactants - to clean the hair without making it heavy;     Panthenol - gives moisture and shine to the hair;      
Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Daily Shampoo What it does Color-safe formula cleanses and smoothes hair, making rebellious locks softer and more manageable. How it works Super Skinny Complex and mild surfactants cleanse hair without stripping or plumping. Added bonus Reduces drying time and speeds up styling.
Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Three What it does Removes dulling buildup from hair, strengthens strands and minimizes future buildup. How it works Deep cleansers remove chlorine, iron and minerals. Added bonus Helps prevent swimmers' "chlorine green."
Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Two What it does Color-safe formula deeply cleanses oily hair and scalp, leaving hair fresh, shiny and full of body. How it works Wheat-derived conditioners boost body and shine. Added bonus Helps minimize oil production, so hair becomes less oily over time.
Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo Zero parabens, zero sulfates. Shampoo that renews the moisture of the hair, preserving and nourishing it from root to tip. HOW TO USE: •Wet hair with warm water and apply. •Massage shampoo into scalp. •Rinse with warm water and towel-dry.
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Wella Professionals Pure Purifying Shampoo This high performance cleanser works to remove product build up, residual impurities and pollutants for a clean, refreshed finish. Hair is beautifully clean and radiant and ready for conditioning and styling. Directions for use: Shampoo and lather, then rinse off.
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ALTERNA Bamboo Style Clarifying Shampoo. A clarifying shampoo that gently detoxifies hair, ridding it of dulling product build-up and environmental impurities to restore natural shine & radiance. Gently detoxifies hair, ridding it of dulling product build-up and environmental impurities. Restores natural shine & radiance. Non-stripping. Safe for color treated hair. Directions for use: Massage throughout wet hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Bamboo Conditioner of your choice.
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ALTERNA Caviar Clinical Detoxifying Shampoo, Fed up of harassed hair and lessening locks? Well make way for Alterna Caviar Clinical Daily Detoxifying Shampoo! This exclusive formula eliminates any toxic harmful chemicalsand bacteria from the environment, and refreshes your hair with full, thick body. Alterna Caviar Clinical Daily Detoxifying Shampoo is enriched with the red clover growth complex which increases the density of the whole body of the hair by strengthening each individual strand. Hair is left thicker, fuller and with a healthy glow – plus you have peaceof mind that future hair loss will be prevented. Directions for use: Gently massage through wet hair and leave on for between 3-5 minutes, before soaking thoroughly. For best results follow with Alterna Volumising Conditioner.  
JOICO K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo, To balance the powerful properties of a clarifying formula, the shampoo is stocked with exclusive Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex – an exclusive blend of proteins that protects the hair from cuticle to cortex. Directions for use: Wet hair thoroughly (a full soak delivers the best results); apply and lather, leaving product on up to five minutes for optimal clarifying results. Rinse and follow with K-PAK Conditioner. 
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American Crew Power Cleanser Shampoo Daily shampoo to remove build up for all types of hair. Removes even the strongest styling products. Give your hair the maximum in deep cleansing. A suitable combination of sulfactants provides ultimate cleansing power. Cools and refreshes the scalp. Promotes healthy hair. Gives hair add body and improves texture and shine.
Davines MOMO Shampoo Ideal for dry or dehydrated hair. Its formula, characterized by a creamy foam, is designed to gently cleanse dry or dehydrated hair, giving it a strong hydration. The scent that characterizes the MOMO family has a fruity and green note. How to use: Apply to wet hair, massage gently and rinse. Repeat shampoo application, then apply MOMO conditioner. Natural Active Ingredients:     Cartucciaru Melon from Paceco - it gives lengthy hydration     Conditioning agents - softening action;     Mixture of mild surfactants - to clean the hair without making it heavy;      
Lakmé Teknia Extreme Cleanse Shampoo for Deep Cleansing Deep-cleansing clarifying shampoo. Deep-cleansing, refreshes and removes styling product build-up and hard water mineral residues. Reduces adherence of pollutants from urban environments. Formulated with natural wheat amino acids that act from the inside of the hair fiber. Complex with high moisturizing power. Hair recovers its equilibrium and the shine, softness and flexibility of healthy hair are restored. Application: Apply to wet hair. Lather. Rinse.
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Echosline Shampoo S10 with bamboo and milk proteins, removes styling and finishing gels and sprays