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ProNails Master File Bumerang
ProNails Master File,Bumerang Viilid
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ProNails Master File Bumerang

"Master Files have been designed to help you work more quickly and efficiently in obtaining a professional result. You’ll work twice as fast as with a regular file. They don’t need much pressure while using them, so your clients will feel more comfortable as well. Especially while removing gel using a Master File 100/100 grit you’ll immediately notice the difference in performance compared to any other file.

For a professional nail technician, it’s really important your file lasts very long. This will have an immediate impact on your salon’s expenses!

Master Files last incredibly long because they’re made of Japanese sandpaper of the highest quality. When combined with an electrical nail drill, you’ll be able to use the same file with up to 100 clients! If you don’t combine with a nail drill, the Master File will last you 50 clients. Too good to be true? Give it a try and let us know what you’ve found out!

Every nail technician cares about hygiene. If you have a long lasting file, you’ll want to make sure you can keep it clean.

We’ve thought about that. You can easily and quickly clean your Master Files using Clinilotion without reducing the quality of your file. You could also use a UV steriliser, but you can’t use a hot air steriliser or autoclave, since it will make the plastic inside the file melt.

Perfect for super quick removal of gel nails and for shaping and defining gel nails.

Perfect for shortening and shaping natural nails, Sopolish, … Using this file you can also finish and perfect gel nails.




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