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Electric Balloon Pump
Electric Balloon Pump
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Code:  Electric Balloon Pump
EAN Code / Package Code:  EPC?HOA?512+896 73005 ZM1444601
Producer:  Vaata pakendilt
Pack:  1 tk

Electric Balloon Pump


1) Power supply must be AC 220V-240V.

2) This is a high - volume pump. Please use this pump continuously no more than 2 hours, otherwise, it can overheat and damage the pump.

3) Keep the pump out of the reach of children.

4) Do not obstruct the inflation port and blowhole and keep them ventilated all the time.


1) Never leave pump unattended while the pump is in use.

2) Do not keep/use the pump in wet condition.

3) Never allow sands, small rocks, etc. to be sucked into inflation port and blowhole when using the pump.

4) Never look inside or point the inflation port and blowhole towards your eyes when the pump is working.

5) Never attcmpt to put hand or fingers into the inflation port and blowhole at any time.