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Obey Your Body Hand Perfection Nail Care Kit, Ocean
Obey Your Body Hand Perfection Nail Care Kit, Ocean
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Code:  Obey Your Body Hand Perfection Nail Care Kit, Ocean
EAN Code / Package Code:  689466130126
Producer:  USA
Importer:  PRO Kosmeetika OÜ
Pack:  4 tk

Obey Your Body Hand Perfection Nail Care Kit, Ocean

An indispensible do-it-yourself home-manicure set that rapidly restores that attractive and healthy looking pink and reddish tinge to your nails.  Hand Perfection Nail Care Kit immediately creates amazing results: well-nourished, conditioned and moisturized hands that are supremely smooth and soft; and nails that are aglow with natural shine that you will be proud to display to the world.

     Richly hydrates the hands and nail areas
     Removes ridges stain and discoloration
     Promote healthy and stronger nail growth
     Helps prevent cracked, split and broken nails
     Creates the most attractive and healthy looking hands and nails

Hand Perfection Nail Care Kit is one of the varied and innovative ObeyYourBodyĀ® holistic health and beauty product ranges that offer advanced active skincare with the best that nature has to offer:  Minerals, Vitamins and high performance herbal complexes.
1. Prior to Treating your Nails: Remove all traces of nail polish. Wash and soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes to remove dirt and soften cuticles. Dry your hands well.
2. Nail Shaping: Hold the nail file at a slight angle to your nails and shape the nails. File and shape each nail from corner to center; do not file in a seesaw motion to avoid causing ridges and splitting. Filing nails to a point can weaken the nail - a rounded or square form makes for stronger nails.
3. Step Beautifying Buffer:
1. Use white narrow sides: Buff top of nail surface in one direction for no more than a few strokes to smooth surfaces and ridges and to remove residues.
2. Use top grey wide area: Buff top of nail surface backwards and forwards for no more than a few strokes to stimulate nail growth and remove scratches.
3. Use white bottom wide side: Buff backwards and forwards for a few strokes or continue until a glossy shines is achieved. Do not over-buff your nails. Note: Buff your nails once monthly to maintain nail beauty and a healthy, glossy appearance.
4. Cuticle Oil Serum: Apply a drop to each cuticle and rub in well while gently pushing the cuticles backwards in order to hydrate and soften them as well as to help strengthen your nails. Repeat daily or as often as required to avoid cracked and dry cuticles.
5. Hand & Body Lotion: Finally pamper your hands with ObeyYourBodyā€™s Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion which you can use frequently and generously to maintain smooth, youthful and healthy looking skin.





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