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Chemi-Pharm Chemisept 80, Alcohol-Based Hand Disinfectant
Chemi-Pharm Chemisept 80
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Chemi-Pharm Chemisept 80, Alcohol-Based Hand Disinfectant

CHEMISEPT 80 has a broad fungicidal and bactericidal effect, being able to destroy Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria (incl. Tbc) and viruses (HBV, HIV, Rota). The product is an effective agent for quick disinfection of the skin. The disinfectant contained in the product penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis, which guarantees that also rubber gloved hands remain microbe free during a long operation. The effect of the product lasts 3 hours.

Hygienic hand disinfection:
Apply 3 ml of CHEMISEPT 80 onto previously washed and dried hands and rub until the hands are dry. The time of effect is 30 seconds.

Surgical hand disinfection:
3 - 6 ml of CHEMISEPT 80 is rubbed into the hands twice during 1, 5 minutes. Both hands and arms should be disinfected.
CHEMISEPT 80 is tested to following standards: EN 12791 and EN 1500.