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VIVIERE Volume Fibre and Boosting Spray
VIVIERE Volume Fibre Komplekt
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Code:  VIVIERE Volume Fibre Komplekt
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VIVIERE Volume Fibre and Boosting Spray

Using VIVIERE VOLUME FIBRE is quick and easy – in just 30 seconds you get four times as thick hair. The tiny cotton fibers are charged with static electricity and as a result attaches directly onto your hair. This will give your hair more volume and effectively mask your outgrowth. Spray the hair with VIVIERE BOOSTING SPRAY after applying VIVIERE VOLUME FIBRE to give your hair additional stability.

Using:  Wash and dry your hair thoroughly before applying VIVIERE VOLUME FIBRE. Distribute the fibers until you get the desired result. Work through the fibers properly using your hands. Distribute them carefully so that the electrostatic energy is optimized.
To further attach the fibers, apply VIVIERE BOOSTING SPRAY just as if you were spraying your hair with regular hairspray.