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Gerard's Modeling gel
Gerard's Modeling gel
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Code:  Gerard's Modeling gel
EAN Code / Package Code:  8015903012052 8015903002381
Producer:  Itaalia - Italy
Pack:  250 ml

Gerard's Modeling gel

To combat even the most enduring and persistent cellulite.
It helps in removing roundness and adiposity by remodelling the figure. It fights the “mattress” look of the areas affected with cellulite (thighs, belly, hips, gluteus).
Because of its “controlled” thermo-active action, Modeling is suitable also for women who suffer from fragile capillaries, venous diseases and sensitive skin.
Being practical, quick and suitable for everyone, this product is perfect for busy and active, sporty women who don’t have much time to take care of their body.
The gel formula and the liposomal active ingredients make it easy and quick to apply, without massaging: a pleasing cutaneous exercise that gives you, every morning, a wonderful source of energy.
The Icelandic Lichen Extract, an efficient protector for blood vessels, makes this thermo-active gel suitable also for those who suffer from fragile capillaries.
Birch and Ivy extracts, together with the Vegetal Collagen, inhibit the destruction of elastin. The stimulating and balancing Asian Centella promotes cell’s oxygenation and microcirculation.
The Glycosaminoglycans, such as Collagen, belong to the structural proteins that maintain skin’s suppleness.

Warning: not recommended during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
Not suitable for those who suffer from varices and fragile capillaries. Wash hand accurately after use. Do not touch eyes or mucous before having washed hands.
Active ingredients: Lichen Islandicus; Asian Centella; Ivy; Hyaluronic acid; Wheat Germ Proteins; Glycosaminoglycans.


Apply onto the areas affected with cellulite, preferably in the morning, with large movements, without massaging.

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