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Slimming algae mask with anti-cellulite effect. Cleansing, lipolytic and markedly draining effects. Mask used in weight loss and anti-cellulite procedures.

Main Active Ingredients

Bladder wrack, Oarweed (Fucus vesiculosus, Laminaria digitata); Green tea (Camelia sinesis); Red Seaweed (Lithothamnium calcareum).

The algae contain a high concentration of mineral, microelements, amino acids and vitamins. These biologically active substances are wonderfully effective at overcoming the epidermal barrier and entering the deepest layers of the skin. These algae have a stimulating, toning, regulating and anti-inflammatory effect. Oarweed has detoxifying, metabolism stimulating and skin moisturising properties. Red marine algae are rich in Mg and Ca which are highly effective at remineralizing skin. This combination of algae contains a rich complex of minerals, iodine, alginates and antioxidants. This algae mask is  with green tea which stimulates blood circulation, expels excess fluid and induces metabolism of fat. The mix of algae and green tea impact on cellulite, ensuring a powerful detoxifying effect and stimulating metabolic process within the body.

The required amount of algae powder (~100 g) is mixed with warm water (300 ml). A consistent mass is acquired through mixing, which is applied to the cleansed problematic body zones. These are covered with a sheet and thermal blanket. Procedure lasts for 30 minutes. Mask is rinsed off in the shower

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