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Nouvelle Curl Relaxer
Nouvelle Curl Relaxer
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Code:  Nouvelle Curl Relaxer
EAN Code / Package Code:  8025337111443 8025337149415
Producer:  Itaalia - Italy
Pack:  200 ml

Nouvelle Curl Relaxer

Protective restoring cream for hair with effect of straightening.

Cream with strong straightening effect enriched by natural components: oil jojoba with restoring effect, proteins of a soya, wheat and others grain with updating and protective action. The humidifying effect the cream excludes occurrence of curls and straightens hair, keeping a moisture. Keeps hair smooth under any weather conditions including the raised humidity, protects from heat influence at packing.


After washing of a head by shampoo to remove surplus of water a towel and to divide hair into sections. Then consistently to put a cream, since the bottom sector, to dry up and set hair with the hair dryer and a brush.

Upon termination of packing, once again to comb hair for bolshej smoothnesses.