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Mega White builder gel, Sassi USA
Mega White builder gel, Sassi 60203
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Code:  Mega White builder gel, Sassi 60203
EAN Code / Package Code:  713836602033
Producer:  USA
Importer:  PRO Kosmeetika
Pack:  7.4 ml

Mega White builder gel, Sassi USA

Sassi UV Gels are low odor, strong yet flexible and long lasting.
They provide a high gloss, protective overlay coating for natural nails, nail tips, acrylic nails or nail wraps.
It is an easy application with no mixing or filing necessary.
They can be worn with or without nail polish.

The thickness of the gel coating has a great effect on the degree of cure.

It is much better to use three or four coats rather than one or two thicker coats.
Thinner coats allow more light to penetrate the layer, thereby reducing shrinkage.
Shrinking is normal, but above 12% causes many problems, such as lifting, cracking and other types of service breakdown.
Gel enhancement products shrink up to 20%.

Clients can sometimes feel the effects of excessive shrinking, commenting that the enhancement may feel 'tight' or complain of throbbing and/or a heat sensation on the nail bed.
These symptoms can occur immediately or up to 24 hours after application, and depends entirely on how much the gel shrinks.  Excessive shrinkage is not only discomforting, it can cause damage or trauma to the nail bed.
Excessive shrinkage can squeeze the nail plate, causing it to 'pop' free of the track that holds it to the nail bed.
Once the separation has occurred, it easily travels farther up the nail plate and infection can occur in the space between the nail plate and the nail bed.
Other causes of trauma are over-filing, heavy abrasives and high-speed drills, over-priming or wearing nails that are too long for the clients lifestyle, activity level and nail plate shape.
Shrinkage can be minimized by applying multiple, thinner coatings of gel.
Clients with thin, damaged nail plates are easily injured by excessive shrinkage and other trauma.
Remember, clients pay you to care for their fingernails first, then to give them beautiful enhancements.
Keep the natural nail plate and surrounding skin healthy, and they are less likely to have problems.
Always read, understand and follow the manufacturers instructions for proper preparation, application, curing and finishing of your gel product.
The success of the service is entirely up to you.