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Depileve Paraffin - TEA TREE OIL PARRAFFIN with Ginger root and Thyme Oils
Depileve tea tree paraffin
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Code:  Depileve tea tree paraffin
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Producer:  Hispaania - Spain
Importer:  Depilé

Depileve Paraffin - Tea Tree oil Paraffin with Ginger root and Thyme Oils

Ideal for pedicure paraffin treatments due to Tea Tree Oil's refreshing and antiseptic properties.

The thermal effect of the paraffin, enriched with active and natural essences deeply moisturises while it facilitates the ingredient absorption to obtain a soft, nourished and protected skin.  Your skin will look more elastic, younger and softer.

Special moisturising, refreshing, anti-septic and repairing formula for the feet.  The properties of the tea tree are combined with the most pure paraffin.  Low melting point.