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Pearl Rosin, Depileve
Pearl Rosin Depileve
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Code:  Pearl Rosin Depileve
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Producer:  Hispaania - Spain
Importer:  Depilé

Pearl Rosin wax, Depileve

Pearl wax is less pulling on skin, which makes it tough on hair, yet gentle on skin. It is made with natural pine rosin, blended with Mica and Magnolia Oil. Can be used on all areas of the body and is ideal for dry, flaking skin. For a gold pearlized color and a thin consistency.

Directions: Warm up the wax in the warmer. Note that the wax is not too hot and apply on skin following the hair growth. Choose the size of the area according to your wish. Apply a thin layer. Put on the paper stripe, pat and remove with a quick move. Remove the residues with post-waxing oil. For professional use only.

Melting temperature 38 ° C.

Made by: Depileve, Spain

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