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Perfect Silk Lashes Eyelash Fixing Gell
Perfect Silk Lashes Eyelash Extra Fixing Gel
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Code:  Perfect Silk Lashes Eyelash Extra Fixing Gel
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Perfect Silk Lashes Eyelash Fixing Gel

Perfect Silk LashesTM antioxidant eyebrows and eyelashes strengthening balm with keratin, vitamins and extracts.

Antioxidant complex consisting of vitamin E, aloe, burdock and seaweed extracts fully neutralizes free radicals, strengthens and protects eyebrows and eyelashes from falling.

Well-balanced balm\'s composition based on natural components allows it to be used in various cases. Before sleep apply balm to clean dry eyelashes, which are going to be nourished due to keratin, vitamins E and B5. In the morning use balm as a basis for mascara - it applies and stays better. Product is perfect as a protection for weak eyelashes and eyebrows from negative external influence.

Applies easily and homogeneously, not sticking eyelashes together. Dries quickly, settling the natural shape of eyelashes and eyebrows. Does not irritate eye\'s mucous membrane, fragrance- and alcohol-free.


* improves eyelashes\' and eyebrows\' structure and growth
* provides with intensive care, nourishing and protection
* settles eyelashes\' shape, stresses out their natural beauty and expressiveness