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Gelish Polygel Synthetic Brush Restorer
Gelish Polygel Synthetic Brush Restorer
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Code:  Gelish Polygel Synthetic Brush Restorer
EAN Code / Package Code:  818125023473
Producer:  USA
Importer:  Vaata pakendilt
Pack:  240 ml

Gelish Polygel Synthetic Brush Restorer

Brush restorer

Revives brushes to help maintain the shape and integrity of the bristles ensuring a flawless application.

PolyGel® is an all-in-one formula for the perfect working consistency. No monomer, no mixing, no ratios. The odorless formula allows you to work as fast or as long as you want. Tube dispensing allows you to use just what you need for no wasted product.

Formulated using a game-changing polymer fusion, PolyGel's® breakthrough TriPolymer Technology™* delivers gravity-defying performance for astonishing easy, chase-free applications.

The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and even color. PolyGel's® formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without the unpleasant monomer odor.

And, the heavier-than-air Tri-Polymer fillings are 30% heavier than acrylic and hard gel fillings, which means they fall to the table for virtually no airborne dust.



*TriPolymer Technology = Oligomers from Gels; Polymers from Acrylics; Polymers from Lacquer.

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