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3,90 EUR
Aden Anti Nail Bite  
3,90 EUR
Aden Vitamin Booster  After artificial nails removal, nails can look dehydrated, they need a booster. The solution: a blend of multivitamins and almond oil, known for their nutritive and emollient properties helps protect the nails against dryness while promoting healthier and smoother result. Encapsulated technology: Yellow=Vitamin A Helps to improve general nail appearance, helps to boost nail growth. White=Vitamin E Anti oxidant, moisturization. Blue=Sunflower Oil Helps to protects from oxidant damages, healing & anti-aging properties. Pink=Almond Oil Almond Oil is a rich source of Vitamin E and minerals. By massage, it restores natural nail shine and helps to improve healthy look.   Unit size: 11 ml Made in Luxemburg.          
7,50 EUR
Pronails Nail Care Bitter to Bite Bitter-tasting transparent nail coat to discourage nail biting. Bitter To Bite is an extremely effective product against nail biting or thumb sucking. The bitter taste is a deterrent for every nail biting person. It has the appearance of a clear polish and does not leave any stains on nails or fingers.          
6,70 EUR
ProNails Jojoba Polish Corrector Carefully removes nail polish application flaws Contains a collagen like substance and a natural anti-inflammatory agent Thanks to the jojoba oil Protects and nourishes the skin Pen includes 3 replacement tips   Replacement tips can be cleaned with non acetone remover   Small mistakes are easily fixed with this pen, leaving your nails looking perfectly polished. Moreover, this product nourishes the skin and that’s unique! This jojoba oil contains a collagen like substance and a natural anti-inflammatory agent.
9,00 EUR
Strictly Professional Bellitas Nail Sanitiser With Melon Effective way to cleanse the nail removing traces of dust particles and product. Suitable for dehydrating the nail in preparation for nail enhancement and degreasing the nail prior to application of nail polish. Can also be used when disinfectant properties are required, i.e. nail files.
12,90 EUR
GlamLac 5in1 Absolute Nail Treatment 1. Smoothing Base Coat 2. Anti-brittle Treatment 3. Moisturizer 4. Advanced Strengthener 5. Mega Gloss Top Coat   • Anti oxidizing • Hydrating and nourishing • Brighthening • Revitalising • Fast drying time • Outstanding gloss • UV filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing • Improves nail suppleness • Contains vitamins & plant extracts
15,00 EUR
Pronails Nail Serum This nail serum is a complete nourishing treatment in the three to four weeks, intensively feeding and curing your nails making them visibly stronger and healthier.Say goodbye to brittle,damaged and ugly nails. Apply the serum to the nails and use the brush to really push it into the nail plate, from the free edge towards the cuticles.Let the serum sit and try for a while.
19,90 EUR
Pronails Diamond Bit Nail Prepper Perfect to buff the natural nail. This bit even makes it possible to shape nails or shorten them The 100% perfectly rounded edge Also compatible with Vision Pro 700