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Pronails Nail Care Cuticle Remover Gentle and efficient cuticle remover. Extremely efficient cuticle solvent. Fine, non greasy texture, easily absorbed by the skin, helps to leave the skin soft and satiny smooth.          
8,00 EUR
GlamLac Professional Cuticle Oil Vitamins rich moisturizing oil for cuticles.
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Pronails Nail Care UV Protect, Protecting Shine Protects every nail exposed to the sun or solarium from discolouring. Gives the white rims of French Manicure a fresh, lively look. Apply a layer of this UV filter topcoat over your nail polish, gel and acrylic nails for long-lasting, original colours.          
7,50 EUR
Pronails Nail Care Matt Touch Matifying top coat for Nail Polish. Can also be used on Gel, Sopolish and Acrylics for a trendy matt effect.          
7,50 EUR
Pronails Nail Care Gloss It Up, Super Shiny Top Ultra shiny, extra protective topcoat for every nail. Prevents your nail polish from going dull and protects it against scratches. You can also fix and protect all your nail art designs with Gloss it up. Can be used as a gloss top coat for UV gel and acrylic nails.          
7,50 EUR
Pronails Nail Care Polish Grip, Nail Polish Bonder This transparent polish base enhances the adhesion of all nail polishes. A good habit every time you apply nail polish.          
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Pronails Nail Care Even Nails, Fills Nail Ridges Eliminates any unevenness and ridges in the nail surface to produce a perfectly smooth nail.          
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Pronails Nail Care Polish Thinner, Polish Liquifier Nail polish thinning product with drop counter to give your nail polish the desired thickness without quality loss. Be careful, as 2 to 3 drops are often enough.          
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Pronails Nail Care Pomme Granate Cuticle Cleaner Excess skin softener          
6,00 EUR
Pronail Professional Cuticle Remover Gently loosens overgrown cuticles. When lying loosely on the nail surface, cuticles no longer suffocate nail growth.      
7,00 EUR
Pronail Professional Nail Hardener Nail Hardener Strong gives you long, strong nails within 14 days. Stimulates nail growth and prevents extremely soft nails from tearing. Do not use immediately after the removal of artificial nails.      
7,50 EUR
ProNails Seco Seco Quick Dry And Shine Fast drying top coat for nail polish Leaves a transparent glossy shine Removable with non-acetone polish remover   This shiny finish will dry your nail polish extremely fast by penetrating all layers and drying them effectively. Seco Seco has been one of our leading products for years.      
6,70 EUR
ProNails Jojoba Polish Corrector Carefully removes nail polish application flaws Contains a collagen like substance and a natural anti-inflammatory agent Thanks to the jojoba oil Protects and nourishes the skin Pen includes 3 replacement tips   Replacement tips can be cleaned with non acetone remover   Small mistakes are easily fixed with this pen, leaving your nails looking perfectly polished. Moreover, this product nourishes the skin and that’s unique! This jojoba oil contains a collagen like substance and a natural anti-inflammatory agent.
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Aden Küünetugevdaja, Lilac
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Strictly Professional Bellitas Nail Sanitiser With Melon Effective way to cleanse the nail removing traces of dust particles and product. Suitable for dehydrating the nail in preparation for nail enhancement and degreasing the nail prior to application of nail polish. Can also be used when disinfectant properties are required, i.e. nail files.
12,90 EUR
GlamLac 5in1 Absolute Nail Treatment 1. Smoothing Base Coat 2. Anti-brittle Treatment 3. Moisturizer 4. Advanced Strengthener 5. Mega Gloss Top Coat   • Anti oxidizing • Hydrating and nourishing • Brighthening • Revitalising • Fast drying time • Outstanding gloss • UV filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing • Improves nail suppleness • Contains vitamins & plant extracts
15,00 EUR
Pronails Nail Serum This nail serum is a complete nourishing treatment in the three to four weeks, intensively feeding and curing your nails making them visibly stronger and healthier.Say goodbye to brittle,damaged and ugly nails. Apply the serum to the nails and use the brush to really push it into the nail plate, from the free edge towards the cuticles.Let the serum sit and try for a while.
8,90 EUR
    ProNails Cuticle Care Pen     Softening, easy to use and effecient cuticle softener.     Repairing, contains antioxidants stimulating skin renewal.     Moisturizing, hydrating the cuticle area without oily texture.
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GlamLac Top and Base Coat
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Aden Ridge Filler Ridge filler hides ridges and smaller discolourations and provides a smooth surface on the nails.
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Pronails Diamond Bit Nail Prepper Perfect to buff the natural nail. This bit even makes it possible to shape nails or shorten them The 100% perfectly rounded edge Also compatible with Vision Pro 700
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Pronails Nail Care Bitter to Bite Bitter-tasting transparent nail coat to discourage nail biting. Bitter To Bite is an extremely effective product against nail biting or thumb sucking. The bitter taste is a deterrent for every nail biting person. It has the appearance of a clear polish and does not leave any stains on nails or fingers.          
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Mineral Cuticle Oil Serum, Obey Your Body Cuticle oil with White mineral oil and jojoba oil
3,90 EUR
SASSI Cuticle Oil  Well-Groomed Contour For a perfect nail contour. Softens the skin around the nail enabling it to be rolled gently back. Provides a well-groomed contour to the nails. Essential oils help promote healthy nail growth. Helps prevent cuticle problems before they start with regular use add moisture,sheen and softness to troublesome cuticles.          
3,90 EUR
SASSI Nail Stabilizer Restore Nail Balance   The nail stabilizer system restores balance and stability to damaged natural nails before the application light-cured gel system. Toluene and formaldehyde free.            
3,90 EUR
SASSI Nail Hardener Keep Nails Strong An excellent nail hardener! For thin, week nails. Triple strength polymers, formulated with calcium and protein, form a protective shield to increase nail thickness for maximum reinforcement. Repairs cracked, spilit and peeling nails. Toluene and formaldehyde free.              
3,90 EUR
SASSI Nail Rebuilder Repair Splits, Tears It strengthens and protect problem nail as well as normal nail. Great for healing weak, easily chipped, thin, peeling, nails actually become healthier, thinker, stronger, and grow longer using this formula. It will return the nails to a more youthful appearance. Also gives a smmother nail surface for application of nail polish. Toluene and formaldehyde free.              
3,90 EUR
SASSI Nail Growth Help Boost Growth Help boost growth. It strengthens dry-brittle or soft-peeling nails and recondition nails after artificial nails.              
3,90 EUR
SASSI Galic Strengthener Advanced Nail Nourishment Advenced formula nourish and strengthen nails. Perfect for maintaining healthy nails. Garlic extract to strengthen nails, maintain proper moisture levels and help the nail grow faster.              
3,90 EUR
SASSI Calcium Nail Gel Natural Way to Build Long Nails Calcium gel bonds to nails with a protective shield that instantly increase nails thickness and seals the free edge to fortify them against breaking and peeling. Enriched with calcium, gelatin and protein, this unique formula adheres to the nail plate without peeling and protects polish from chipping.
3,90 EUR
SASSI Nail Bed Healer Stronger Nail Foundation Makes a smooth base in nail for the perfect manicure. For use cracked, or peeling nails to restore moisture. First step for beautiful, long lasting nail color, helps extend the wear of nail lacquer. Toluene and formaldehyde free.            
Moyra Cuticle Oil This mixture of oils is used to moisturize dry, damaged cuticles and to promote strong, flexible nails. It absorbs through the cuticle area. They are also perfect treatments after building artificial nails. Available in 7 different colours and fragrances. Unit size: 15ml
Strictly Professional Bellitas Cuticle Oil With Essential Oil Of Lemon A rich blend of oils with vitamin E helps reduce dryness in the cuticle and surrounding skin. Essential oil of lemon offers excellent antiseptic properties. Directions for use: Gently massage into the nail and cuticle.  
Strictly Professional Bellitas Creamy Cuticle Remover Designed to assist with the removal of excess cuticle during a manicure and pedicure treatment. Obtains excellent results without over drying the skin or nail plate. A handy dropper nozzle makes this easy, hygienic and economical to use. DIRECTIONS FOR USE   Apply solution carefully over the cuticle area. Work around the cuticle to soften and remove the excess skin. Dip fingertips in warm water to remove solution. Dry hands and apply Strictly Professional cuticle oil  
Strictly Professional Bellitas Nail Buffing Cream A slightly abrasive cream designed for use on natural nails to produce a brillant natural shine DIRECTIONS FOR USE   Use on clean unvarnished nails with a Strictly Professional nail buffer to help shine the nail plate  
Strictly Professional Bellitas Cuticle Massage Cream Essential oil of camphor helps stimulate the circulation whilst sweet almond oil moisturises the skin and nail. Directions for use: Massage into the cuticle and surrounding area using your fingertips.  
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Aden Nail Prep
2,50 EUR
Nail polish Removal pen The Nail Corrector Pen cleans excess nail polish quickly and effortlessly. Provides for easier, more precise nail color correction. Can be used repeatedly by refilling the pen.
ProNail Cuticle Oil
3,90 EUR
SASSI Nail Primer Longer Lasting Polish   Maximum bonding strength. Provides a longer lasting manicure. Directions: apply a coat of nail primer under your favorite nail polish.    
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Aden Pearly Top Coat For a perfect pearly finish over your favourite nail polish
3,90 EUR
Aden Top Coat Fast Dry Quick dry formulation, leaving a protective shield highlighting the nail colour
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Aden Shiny UV Coat A conditioning to smooth the surface of nails to increase the shine
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Aden Nail Hardener White  
3,90 EUR
Aden Anti Nail Bite  
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SASSI Nail Polish Fast Dry Help Dry Polish Quickly Help dry fast. Toluene and formaldehyde free.   Directions: apply a coat of Fast Dry over your favorite nail polish, let dry.        
3,90 EUR
SASSI Nail Top Coat Great for High Gloss Great for preventing smudges while drying to a smooth, high-gloss, protective shine. Non-yellowing. Toluene and formaldehyde free. Directions: apply a coat of Top Coat  over your favorite nail polish, let dry.        
3,90 EUR
SASSI Rehydrating Base Coat Great for Natural Nail Great for natural nails, for use on cracked, or peeling nails to restore moisture. First step for beautiful, long lasting nail color, helps extend the wear of nail lacquer. Toluene and formaldehyde free. Directions: apply a coat of nail primer under your favorite nail polish.