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Jane Iredale PureBrow™ Brow Fix and Mascara A clear gel in a double-ended tube with a comb at one end and a mascara brush at the other. Use to hold unruly brows in shape or as a mascara for dyed or dark lashes. Use the comb for brows and the brush for lashes. Can be used to hold brows in place or as a clear mascara.
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KARAJA, Black Eyes Kit - Black in a Flash & Free Makeup Cleanser 50ml SPECTACULAR BLACK MASCARA AMAZING VISUAL EFFECTS INSTANT VOLUME - PROFESSIONAL CURLING - EXTENSION - DEFINITION INSTANT DELICATE CLEANSER FOR WATERPROOF MAKE-UP - FACE - EYES - LIPS It quickly removes even the most obstinate traces of make-up, as it is specifically developed for waterproof lip and eye make-up. Thanks to its select specific ingredients, it leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft and fresh.
Aden Intelligent Mascara Intelligent mascara is the ideal combination of special brush and high-quality texture gives lashes an expressive curl and lengthening. Contains vitamin E and bamboo extract. Unit size: 8ml    
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Karaja Lash Master 3in1 Mascara A 3-in-1 mascara for multiple looks. Dare to create a new look with Lash Mascara Master and experiment with application techniques. An additional volume effect, an intense look and impeccable performance all thanks to the extraordinary Lash Master mascara. This new product combines exquisite texture and a special transformative applicator. Contains Keratin, panthenol and vitamin E and has been tested ophthalmic.
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Gerard's Magnetic Eyes Black Mascara Extreme Definition    
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Aden Extra Volume Mascara Extra and endless volume and intense curves from the first stroke with longer, plumper and thicker lashes. Lashes are coated in deep colour, giving eyes a wide-open effect. A shocking result produced by the perfect bond of brush and formula: The brush, creates volume thanks to its smart design of special-shaped disks that are stacked and oriented for an ideal finish. The quick-drying formula contains a synergic mix of bees wax and rice bran wax that grants an immediate volume.    
Karaja Touch of Magic Mascara and Eye Pencil Panoramic effect mascara: multiplies, enhances and restyles your look in a single sweep. Bag included!        
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Aden Supersizer Mascara Supersizer Mascara is an amazing mascara formulated to thicken and build lash volume for a natural, but voluminous lash look. This mascara truly defines, volumes, curls and separates at the same time, it has a great texture that glides smoothly, assuring a comfortable application. Moreover it colors lashes in very rich dark black colour, giving you the so much dreamed dramatic look. Paraben free.
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Make Up Studio Perfect Lash Waterresistant Mascara Waterproof mascara which gives the volume and long last.  
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   Make Up Studio 4D Mascara A Truly revolutionary mascara makes your eyesbeautiful and outstanding! Thanks to 4D technology gives your eyelashes mascara all taht is needed. Excellent volume,extension.   
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Make Up Studio 3D Mascara Waterproof A Truly revolutionary mascara makes your eyesbeautiful and outstanding! Thanks to 3D technology gives your eyelashes mascara all that is needed. Excellent volume,extension.  
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Make Up Studio Maximum Volume Mascara Easy and rapid application. Volume and lenght at its top. Long lasting curliness.
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Karaja Night & Day 24h Mascara, Waterproof At last! A Night & Day mascara in the real sense of the word! Non smudge and non drip. Perfect colour for 24 hours until you gently wipe it off with plenty of hot water using just your fingers, the same way you would normally wash your face. Thanks to some outstanding new technology, the temperature of the water (about 38° C / 100° F) swells the special polymer film covering the eyelashes, breaking this up into small flakes that can then be easily rinsed off. No need for make-up remover. Ideal for brides and all those who need lasting mascara that remains perfect all day and all night long!!! 100% waterproof and absolutely NO TRANSFER! No more smudging, not even in hot or humid conditions.   HIGH DEFINITION APPLICATOR – EXTREME CURVE Max volume and curve effect thanks to the special applicator that lets you sculpt and shape each lash, one by one.   3D FORMULA WITH PANTHENOL + VITAMIN E The new gel formula with 3D polymers gives your eyelashes a three-dimensional look, guaranteeing amazing performance: exceptional definition, length and curve! Application is quick and the effect is immediate. Panthenol and Vitamin E protect and strengthen the eyelashes, keeping them healthy and supple. For a mascara with a delicate, creamy texture. Ophtalmologically and dermatologically tested.   Ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
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Karaja Lash Lift Express Mascara Developed to visually thicken your lashes and encourage their natural curve, this mascara gives you an intense, deep look all day long. Its formula consists of carefully selected ingredients, combining waxes and polymers with a visual volumising and curving effect with active ingredients rich in peptides and oligosaccharides that help protect the lashes.   For an immediate and surprising visual result: your eyes are enhanced with new depth, density of colour and thick, full lashes.   Contains Vitamin E with antioxidant properties.          
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Karaja Lash Design Mascara Thanks to its innovative applicator that improves the extension and separation of the lashes, it creates a magnificent, immediate and visual lengthening effect.   Its soft and creamy formula, which has a visual volumizing effect, gently slips onto lashes and a nutrient complex based on Provitamin B5 and Almond Oil has a moisturizing effect, helping to restore and protect lashes.   Dermatologically tested.        
Jane Iredale PureLash™ Mascara This mild, water resistant formula was our first mascara developed expressly for sensitive eyes. Resistant to smearing and flaking. Designed to nourish lashes naturally. Formulated with a proprietary blend of Seaweed Lipids and Panthenol to keep the formula moist and condition lashes. Free of lacquers, shellac and petroleum based ingredients. key ingredients: Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Thickens, curls and strengthens lashes. Panthenol Vitamin B Complex Factor. Used to condition hair. Algae Extract Water binding agent.
Jane Iredale PureLash™ Lengthening Mascara Get natural-looking, extra-long lashes that are thick and feathery. Our proprietary formula conditions and strengthens while the dual-edged brush makes it easy to maximize lashes top and bottom. New dual-sided brush creates longer, fuller looking lashes. Developed with a proprietary blend of Seaweed Lipids and Wheat Protein that thicken, curl and strengthen lashes. Triple-length Cellulose Fibers add extra length and thickness. Formulated with Panthenol to condition lashes. Created to protect lashes in order to reduce splitting and breaking. Free of lacquers, shellac, and petroleum-based ingredients.
Jane Iredale Longest Lash, Thickening and Lengthening Mascara For those who want it all: well‐defined, longer looking lashes and buildable volume!Longest Lash tihendav ja pikendav ripsmetušš Designed to make lashes look thicker and longer naturally Packaged in a squeezable tube with a NEW oversized brush that works with this formula to separate and define lashes, prevent clumping, create natural looking lashes Easily layered to achieve high-impact lashes Formulated with a proprietary blend of seaweed lipids to condition, moisturise and protect lashes Reduces splitting and breaking Free of lacquers, shellac and petroleum-based ingredients Filled with 50% more product than most mascaras* *Based on average net weight of other brands' mascara. Apply a layer of our PureLash Extender and Conditioner first. You’ll be amazed how it thickens your lashes. It also means that you’ll use less mascara. Allow to dry until tacky and then apply your favourite formula of mascara. Be sure to rock the mascara wand at the base of your lashes first. This is where you want the most product, then brush out to the tips. If you are going to layer mascara, don’t wait for each application to dry. This is what makes lashes stick together. Don’t pump brushes. This will force air into the tube and help to dry out the product. Simply twist the brush in the tube to pick up more product. Brown or grey can look softer around the eyes than black. Too much mascara can be ageing.  
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PureLash™ Extender & Conditioner A single coat of this conditioner before applying mascara will help strengthen, lengthen and thicken your lashes, making the mascara twice as effective. Adds measurable thickness and length to lashes when used as a primer for mascara. Allows you to use less mascara. Can be used on eyebrows and worn alone at nighttime as a lash treatment.   Key ingredients: Algae Extract Conditions and protects brow hairs, making them healthier, smoother and more manageable. Panthenol Vitamin B Complex Factor. Used to condition hair. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Thickens, curls and strengthens lashes.
Is one formula enough to develop a qualitative product? No! Decided the Perfect Silk LashesTMexperts and applied a package approach. As the result the Perfect Silk LashesTM  Mascara acquired a unique formula, a form of the brush and a form of the flask. Having thick, long and rich silk eyelashes you would like to give them a special care, wouldn\'t you? Of course! The Perfect Silk LashesTM Mascara was designed for that. It is comprised of: Proteins of wheat sprouts and Japanese silk - they favorably influence growth of eyelash. Keratin, natural eyelash protein - cover every eyelash with a soft film and strengthen them. Melanin, another important compound of eyelashes, - act as protection against unfavorable exposure. Panthenol enhances thickness of eyelashes and improves their condition. Cera, rice and bee waxes enhance length and volume of eyelashes. Lanolin prevents dryness and fragility of eyelashes. Vitamins strengthen, feed and moisturize eyelashes, stimulate their growth, add elasticity and silky texture. UV - filters protect against impact of insolation. Why does the Perfect Silk LashesTM attach importance to the form of the brush? Exactly so! A brush plays one of main roles in the creation of thick, captivating eyelashes. It is the one to provide the evenness of mascara application on eyelashes, to prevent adhesion, to extend, to enhance the volume, to curl. The Perfect Silk LashesTM Mascara has such a brush: Short, spiral furs - separate one eyelash from another and in this way enhance their volume. Spindly form - easily combs eyelashes. Conic end - allows covering intensely the outward corners of the eye with mascara. Elastic furs - evenly distribute mascara. Thereby the Perfect Silk LashesTM Mascara ideally cares after extended eyelashes and strengthens the natural ones. It is easily washable and safe for application for eyelash extension. It is advisable to use fat free liquids to remove the Perfect Silk LashesTM Ma
Perfect Silk Lashes Eyelash Fixing Gel Perfect Silk LashesTM antioxidant eyebrows and eyelashes strengthening balm with keratin, vitamins and extracts. Antioxidant complex consisting of vitamin E, aloe, burdock and seaweed extracts fully neutralizes free radicals, strengthens and protects eyebrows and eyelashes from falling. Well-balanced balm\'s composition based on natural components allows it to be used in various cases. Before sleep apply balm to clean dry eyelashes, which are going to be nourished due to keratin, vitamins E and B5. In the morning use balm as a basis for mascara - it applies and stays better. Product is perfect as a protection for weak eyelashes and eyebrows from negative external influence. Applies easily and homogeneously, not sticking eyelashes together. Dries quickly, settling the natural shape of eyelashes and eyebrows. Does not irritate eye\'s mucous membrane, fragrance- and alcohol-free. Effect: * improves eyelashes\' and eyebrows\' structure and growth * provides with intensive care, nourishing and protection * settles eyelashes\' shape, stresses out their natural beauty and expressiveness
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Karaja Black in a Flash Mascara Instant volume - Professional curling - Extension - Definition   A Hi-Tech formula to improve the look of your lashes: high definition and the visual effect of extreme volume and separation in just one sweep. Quick, easy and smooth to apply for perfect results.   The synergic action between the elastic waxes, special fast-drying filming agents and a custom curved wand provides immediate professional re-styling to shape your lashes at will.        
Karaja Tone on Tone Lash and Eyebrow Fixer Delicately coloured fixing gel that lets you naturally redefine and intensify eyebrows and lashes.   LASHES - We recommend using the gel before the eyelash curlers to help lashes curl more and keep it for longer. Indispensable for thick, straight, rebellious lashes.   EYEBROWS - Separates and shapes eyebrows, adding a light veil of colour to fill any gaps. Restructures the face. For a more intensive look.      
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Make Up Studio Ultimate Curl This mascara gives your lashes visible lengthening and volume by just one single layer. Thanks to the special formula your lashes get more volume and the natural curl is enhanced. The mascara is easy to apply and remove.
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Refectocil Longlash Gel 7ml
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Õlivaba, veebaasil Ripsmetušš Premium - Max2 Special Mascara Gold, pikendatud ja ka omaripsmetele Spetsiaalselt väljatöötatud ripsmete püsipikendustele, mis sobib ja oma naturaalsetel ripsmetele, seega on täiesti ohutu ripsmepikendustele. Muudab ripsmed kohevamaks, pikemaks, tihedamaks, tumedamaks ning toob 100% esile.   Ripsmetušši saab eemaldada ilma ühegi spetsiaalse eemaldusvahendita, kuna koostis on vesilahuseline. See kõrgeima kvaliteediga toode sisaldab mesilaspiima ja ürdi ekstrakte, mis jätavad Teie ripsmed siidisteks ja pehmeteks.