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Jane Iredale PurePressed® Blush Free of chemical dyes and potentially irritating ingredients Suitable for use on the eyes and lips Formulated with nourishing minerals Provides a soft wash of just-blushed color Finishes beautifully and naturally Use our White Fan Brush or Dome Brush to apply. Rock the brush underneath the outer part of the cheekbone using one of our bronzers. Brush it up onto the cheekbone. Apply a brighter color to the apple of the cheek and brush outwards and down, away from the top of the cheekbone. Blend the two colors together using the brush you used to apply your base. The perfect blush for you is the color of your cheek when flushed. To narrow a face, bring the color into the middle of the face, but no farther forward than the middle of the iris. Two colors create a subtle, sophisticated look. To widen a face, keep blush towards the outside of the face. Harmonize blush and lip color. It gives a natural, pulled-together look.  
Make Up Studio Blusher Refill Practical refill packaging of the Blusher. A beautiful assortment of rouges with a large selection of colours where colours for 'shaping' have been included. Also available in luxury mono packaging.
Make Up Studio Blusher Lumiere
17,00 EUR
Fimage Blush and Lip Rouge Set, 10 Shades
Karaja Face Dream, Blush Blush harmopny gives your face a touch of color and freshness.  
Karaja Gold & Bronze Highlighting and Bronzing Powder
Karaja Touche Pastel Blush
Aden Terracotta Baked The texture is easy to blend and gives cheeks an all-over warmth and healthy-looking glow. This product boasts every characteristics of the powder blush, only it gives some extra shimmer to your skin. Select your favourite one from the three terracotta blushes of special texture. Sweep over the face or only brush on cheekbones to highlight.
Jane Iredale My Steppes®, Makeup Kit Designed around a color selection that’s perfect for your skin’s undertone, this all-in-one compact contains two lip glosses, a blush, a bronzer and a mirror for effortless touch-ups on the go. Features and Benefits: • Contains perfect color selections for warm or cool skin tones. Warm My Steppes includes Iced Mocha/Crabapple PureGloss for Lips, Whisper PurePressed Blush, and So-Bronze 3. Cool My Steppes includes Cotton Candy/Pomegranate PureGloss for Lips, Barely Rose PurePressed Blush, and So-Bronze 3. PureGloss™ for Lips Dip Retractable or Sable Lip Brush directly into PureGloss and apply product across the lips. PurePressed® Blush Use either the Dome Brush or White Fan Brush and place brush tip on cake and using light pressure, move the brush in a circular motion to lift pigment. Place the brush on the apple of the cheek and stroke the brush back toward the ear. Repeat steps on other cheek. So-Bronze™ Use the White Fan Brush and place the bristle tips flat onto the outer edge of the powder.  Using light pressure, swirl the White Fan Brush in a circular motion twice around the outer edge of the powder. Tap the brush on the edge of the compact twice making sure the excess falls on top of the cake. Place White Fan Brush in the middle of the forehead at the hairline; in a downward motion lightly dust the face making sure to color the top of the cheek bones, tip of the nose and chin and around the perimeter of the hairline. Please see individual products for tips.
Jane Iredale Just Kissed® Lip and Cheek Stain Multipurpose stain uses all natural ingredients to enhance your natural coloring. Non-drying, long-lasting, all-natural stain adjusts to your own chemistry for an irresistible pink shade that will flatter your skin’s undertone. Olive butter, avocado butter and wild rose wax soothe and soften lips. Rose flower wax and beeswax nourish and moisturize. TIPS: Application to lips; place the tip of the product directly onto the lips and apply desired amount of product. Application to cheeks; apply product directly to cheek and blend with Blending Brush or Foundation Brush. Apply product to one cheek at a time and blend immediately.  
Jane Iredale In Touch® Cream Blush Cream to powder blush. Can be applied under or over minerals for a natural or more dramatic look. Can also be applied on the eyes and lips. Great for on-the-go touch-ups. Easy to apply stick form. Provides a radiant, lit-from-within glow.  key ingredients: Macadamia Esters Hydrate. Soothe. Beeswax Gives antimicrobial protection.
Make Up Studio Blusher Lumiere Refill Practical refill packaging for the Lumière Blusher, an extremely intensive and super shiny, baked powder that doesn't fly about. Suitable for all Make-up Studio boxes with round cutaways. Also available in luxury mono packaging.