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Strictly Professional Bellitas Manicure Mask With Champhor Oil A specially developed treatment mask for the hands. The warming properties of camphor oil help increase circulation and improve skin texture. Directions for use: Apply a film of mask to clean skin. Leave for 10 minutes then remove with warm water. Complete the treatment by massaging with Strictly Professional hand lotion.
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Mitomo Hand Care Mask with 6 Effective Ingredients It is no secret that the Japanese are known for their commitment to a healthy lifestyle and a particular focus on natural and traditional foods as well as cosmetic products. A great many attempts have been made to uncover the mystery behind the beauty of Japanese women and their secret of youth. Hand care mask with 6 effective ingredients - collagen, hyaluronic acid, pearl, EGF, Q10, lithospermum. These ingredients promote skin cells regeneration and renewal, make the skin smooth and elastic. 
OPI Manicure / Pedicure Hydrating Mask Hydrating skin mask purifies and invigorates skin leaving hands and feet soothed, hydrated and visibly smoother. Purifies and invigorates Natural Kaolin and Bentonite clays. Soothes and smoothes Natural Shea Butter. Nourishes and hydrates Infused with chamomile extract. Energizes Chamomile/mint aroma creates a custom spa experience. .