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Londa Londacolor Demi - Permanent Emulsion 1,9% 6 Vol.
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Londa Professional Stain Remover Instantly removes color stains from the hairline.
Echosline Echos Color Professional Hair Coloring Cream With Beeswax, Permanent Hair Color The innovative formula of Echos Color has been studied to reach excellent colour results, it guarantees total grey hair cover and the anti-oxidizing properties of Vitamin Cassure long lasting tones. The effective synergy with beeswax provides natural protection, and carries out a conditioning and softening action to leave hair brilliant and luminous. In order to guarantee high colour stability, reduce the risk of unwanted colour changes and reach excellent results we recommend the use of the Echosline cream oxidizing.  
CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Colour   Advanced American CHI 44 and Ionic Color Technology CHI 44: Ceramic and Far Infrared will provide maximum color penetration inside of the hair. Ionic Technology: Ionic charge (+/-) will anchor the dyes deep inside of the hair. CHI Ionic dyes deliver unbelievable radiance, shine and longevity. Silk cream base for added moisture, smooth and economical applications. Ammonia-free providing complete color control with a pleasant fragrance.   Performance Longer lasting color with unparalleled shine. Richer more vibrant reds. Sensational true brunettes. Fiery coppers. Pre-mixed Coverage Plus for 100% gray coverage. Exceptional High Lift Blondes for up to 5 levels of lift and deposit.   Confidence 4 easy steps to successful color every time. Easy and logical steps to achieve target color. No more complicated formulations. No more guessing. 87 luxurious vibrant colors for unlimited coloring possibilities. 8 pre-mixed additives for total control. To be mixed with CHI Color Generator. Ammonia-Free.    CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color has replaced hazardous ammonia with a mild, yet highly effective alkaline called MEA (Monoethanolamine) When ammonia is mixed with peroxide it creates unstable gasses which leads to an unstable pH level When MEA is mixed with peroxide, it DOES NOT create any gases and the color maintains a consistent pH level     Available in 3 oz.
Goldwell Topchic Hair Color Goldwell Topchic Professional Hair Color is the "2002 Winner Of The Stylist Choice Award." Achieve your target color every time with Topchic. Topchic is the permanent alkaline hair color for superb color results. Infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein and panthenol to add strength and shine to hair. Impeccable quality. Durable color. Get the desired effect. Accurate. Formulated with Color Link, a patented technology that allows color molecules to "link" together. Its Patented Penetration System ensures even pigment distribution from scalp to ends. Total coverage. Precision in measurement. Tools designed for predictability. All Goldwell hair color is aligned with the Goldwell Master Palette. The Color Depot System guarantees exact dispensing and mixing. Unique to Goldwell products. Exceptional results for you. Right on target. 
Goldwell Nectaya Hair Color Ammonia-free super nurturing oxidation colour with a formula which has a unique combination of technologies that nurture hair and provide a noticeably healthier hair feeling. Goldwell Nectaya colours contain up to 92% ingredients of natural origin and are enriched with deep conditioning Argan Oil for silky feeling and exceptional shine. The first ever permanent hair color with patented IntraLipid™: to replenish lost lipids inside the hair. Exceptionally rich colours, up to 45% more shine. Up to 100% grey coverage and up to 3 levels of lift. 100 % natural fragrance. Argan Oil. 
Goldwell Colorance Demi-Permanent Hair Color Beautiful, glossy hair full of beauty and shine. • New expression for the existing natural tone
 • Refreshment of color-treated bases
 • Grey coverage of up to 50% COLORANCE NN SHADES Simply make grey disappear – gentle and reliable. Natural shades for discreet grey coverage of up to 75%. COLORANCE EXPRESS TONING Gentle blonde refinement in just 5 minutes. • Perfectly complement the relevant type of blonde. 
• Compact assortment for easy consultation and nuance choice.
Goldwell Elumen Applicator Goldwell Elumen Tools Applicator Set contains all the necessary tools to apply Goldwell Elumen onto your hair. This Applicator Set contains: Elumen Nozzle Elumen Comb Elumen Applicator Bottle    
Goldwell Elumen Return, Color Remover Hair color remover for reduction or extensive removal directly after coloring with Elumen Hair Color. Without oxidative or reductive agents.        
Goldwell Elumen Prepare, Pre-Treatment Color pre-treatment Strengthens hair structure Improves durability, vibrancy        
Goldwell Elumen Lock, Color Sealing Goldwell Elumen Lock seals the color result and reduces the color bleeding. Removes excess color dyes from the hair. Drives the remaining color dyes even deeper into the hair and locks them in. Reduces color fadage during shampooing prolonging the durability of the color. Essential after each application of Elumen.  
Goldwell Elumen Clean, Stain Remover for Skin  
Goldwell Elumen Hair Color Goldwell Elumen is a high-performance, oxdiant-free haircolor. Creates extra vibrant, shiny, and durable haircolor without damage. Does no contain peroxide or ammonia. The compact range of Elumen consists of 22 shades plus one clear tone. Every shade can be used to achieve fascinating color results on various tone levels. This alone gives you a choice of 113 color varieties – without mixing! One of the most exciting new technological developments in professional hair color is the new Goldwell Elumen. Now, there's more to share. Elumen is the first oxidant-free durable hair color that works without peroxide or ammonia. Using a purely physical process, Elumen's brilliant, direct-acting, negatively-charged color dyes are drawn deep inside the positively-charged hair shaft and held, as if by a magnet. But there's truly no fear, no commitment. With Elumen Return, the hair colorist can remove the hair color immediately and gently with no damage simply by reversing the magnetic charge. With Elumen, Goldwell has developed an innovative high performance hair color - Elumen dyes the hair permanently, but without oxidation, ammonia, or alkalinity. The result? Beautifully, radiant hair color without any damage to the hair. Elumen also repairs the hair's structure. The hair-color smoothes porous and damaged sections not only on the surface, but also inside the hair shaft to provide a healthy, smooth surface that reflects light and gives the color in the hair unprecedented shine. Multiple shades. Elumen's 22 shades plus Clear gives you the ability to create an unlimited variety of colors. And, thanks to the unique color card, you can guarantee results without fear. As part of your creative palette, Elumen works great for low-lights/tintbacks, multi-shading, toning and color balancing. Because it improves the hair's structure to revitalize stressed and damaged hair, leaving it with long-lasting, brilliant, healthy, shine, it's t
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Nouvelle Color Chart
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Angel Dancoly Color Guide
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Macadamia Oil Cream Color Colour Chart Luxury
Wella Color Touch Semi Permanent Hair Color
Matrix Total Results Pro-Solutionist No Stain Stain remover removes hair color stains on client's hairline, ears, and scalp. Fast, easy and effective with hair coloring products. This formula leaves no residual film.
L'oréal Luocolor     - Durability: High resistance to fade.     - Coverage: Colours up to 70% on white hair.     - Three technological innovations: Pearlescent nutrigel: all the comfort of a cream, combined with the ease of a gel. Quick and easy service in just 20 minutes. New Nutrishine Technology enriched with grape.     - Result: Discover a new generation of colour: Luo color, fresh colour, fresh shine.
L'oréal High Lifting Beauty Colouring Cream A cool and declicate blonde that is our most bright and shimmering. The hair is cared for from root to tip, thanks to Ionène G and Incell technology, providing silky soft feeling hair. Up to 4.5 levels of lift.
L'oréal Inoa Colouring Cream Discover INOA, our leading no ammonia permanent hair colour range with Oil Delivery System (ODS2) technology, for all hair types. With the expertise of your hairdresser and an in-depth colour consultation you can achieve your perfect shade that is free from ammonia!
L'oréal Inoa Supreme Ammonia Free Hair Colour Discover our colour innovation! Our first ammonia free permanent anti-ageing hair dye to safely cover your grey hair, whilst giving you an overall more youthful look. The colour, which is enriched with oil, is delivered to the heart of the hair, leaving beautiful, age-defying colour that’s bright and looks natural. The technology balances the combination of shades perfectly to complement aging skin tones. Plus, the colour helps provide texture to hair for a fuller look, for hair that has thinned over time. INOA Supreme leaves hair feeling conditioned with sublime colour radiance until your next colour appointment. Experience our ultimate in luxury colour, with improved comfort during the development time and no odour. So you can sit back and enjoy the salon! With a full range of colours, ask your hairdresser which INOA Supreme shade is perfect for you.
L'oréal DIA Light Semi Permanent Hair Colour Our first acidic tone-on-tone colour creates glossy luminous looking reflects and vinyl shine whilst respecting the condition with natural-looking colour that gradually fades away. Ideal for previously coloured or weakened hair or even for those that just want to add a subtle richness or gloss to their natural hair colour. DIA Light is great for offering a colour refresh to top up the vibrancy of your colour in between your usual permanent colour services. The fast development also makes it ideal for those with busy lives and who are short of time. With the technology of DIA Light, your hairdresser will be able to create a truly personalised colour, tailored to you.
L'oréal Semi DIA Richesse Permanent Hair Colour A perfect hair dye for your first time. DIA Richesse illuminates natural hair colour through its ammonia free and tone-on-tone colouration process, for rich, deep reflects and exceptional soft feel. Wondering how to cover grey hair? This is ideal for blending away your first grey hairs leaving it with a natural-looking colour. The short development time also makes it perfect for quick hair dye top up services for those with busy lives. With its innovative conditioning formula, it leaves your hair feeling conditioned, looking glossy and helps to enhance the vibrancy. Not looking for a drastic change? Why not try a clear gloss for a dazzling reflective high shine finish.
Matrix Color Sync Watercolors Unleash your inner artist with Color Sync Watercolors, our tone-on-tone colours that lasts up to 20 washes. The built-in Cera-Oil Priming Complex provides seamless colour and Colour That Cares with its conditioning effect. Mix Watercolors with Color Sync Clear to create sheer watercolour effects, or with the rest of the Color Sync portfolio for bespoke colours.     - Treat Color Sync Watercolors as your artistic palette. Use Watercolors in their pure forms to create vibrant results, or mix Watercolors with Color Sync Clear to produce sheer and muted watercolour effects.     - Mix Watercolors with other Color Sync shades for bespoke colours.
Matrix ColorSync Ammonia-free tone-on-tone Colour Pre-blended shades that create natural results on natural, coloured and grey hair. Gives up to 50% grey coverage. Contains our unique cera-oil priming complex, a built-in primer which evens the hair’s canvas for seamless colour and brilliant shine that lasts up to 20 shampoos Works harmoniously with our permanent colour ranges:, COLORINSIDER and SOBOOST. Color sync is perfect for:            - refreshing mid-lengths & ends            - toning blondes            - colour correction in just 20 minutes
Matrix Soboost     - Intermixable with and Color Sync     - 4 new high-intensity, high-vibrancy shades     - Use alone on pre-lightened hair to increase vibrancy     - Mix with Sync to add an extra boost of colour     - Yellow: brightens brunettes and softens reds.     - Blue: neutralises unwanted brassiness when lifting and adds cool tones when darkening.     - Red: intensifies red, red-violet and violet formulas      
Matrix Dream-Age contains pre-adjusted tones and bases to compensate for natural underlying pigments and patented Cera-Oil complex, which restores condition, delivering long lasting colour and brilliant shine.  A comprehensive palette of beautiful shades to give natural or fashion effects. Dream.Age is a collection of 20 shades that provides 100% grey coverage for over 50% grey with a truly multi-dimensional finish. Dream.Age features a low-ammonia system with pre-softening technology to soften resistant grey hair.  Light-reflective pigments balanced with tonal richness eliminates need to mix multiple shades.
Matrix Extra Coverage Blondes Matrix Extra Coverage Blondes contains pre-adjusted tones and bases to compensate for natural underlying pigments and patented Cera-Oil complex, which restores condition, delivering long lasting colour and brilliant shine.  A comprehensive palette of beautiful shades to give natural or fashion effects. Colour grey hair with confidence.  For clients with over 50% grey. The culture of colouring grey hair today demands an end result to complement the skin tone and eye colour, effortlessly making the client appear younger than they are - Extra Coverage Blondes do just that!
Matrix Permanent Cream Hair Colour contains pre-adjusted tones and bases to compensate for natural underlying pigments and patented Cera-Oil complex, which restores condition, delivering long lasting colour and brilliant shine.  A comprehensive palette of beautiful shades to give natural or fashion effects. Pre-blended bases and pre-adjusted tones gives a perfect blend of natural tones and control for predictable results on natural and grey hair of all levels. Gives up to 100% grey coverage
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Macadamia Oil Cream Color Colour Chart Basic
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Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Colour Chart
Tigi Copyright Colour Gloss Demi-Permanent Creme Haircolour     Fully intermixable, no-ammonia demi-permanent creme haircolour, that delivers a tone-on-tone low commitment colour service.     -Lasting up to 20 shampoos     -High impact shine     -Covers up to 75% non-pigmented hair*     -Wide variety of usage capabilities and results from full head application, to toning and refreshing techniques.     -1:1.5 mixing ratio     -20 minutes processing time  * when using activator 20vol/6%.  
Tigi Copyright Colour Creative, Permanent Creme Haircolour Fully intermixable high-lifting creme haircolour, formulated to lift and tone in one application.     – Up to five levels of lift     – Lift and tone in one application     – Use on or off scalp     – 1:1.5 mixing ratio     – 35 minutes processing time Application Apply TIGI copyright©olour lift to dry, unwashed hair using a bowl and brush. Use on or off scalp, with maximum of 40vol/12% TIGI copyright©olour rich creme activator.
Organic ColourSystems No Limits, Semi-Permanent Colours No Limits semi-permanent hair color is a fantastic way to refresh shades in between coloring or to change the tone for a short period of time. They can be used to create funky fashion colors, too! The color typically lasts between 6 and 12 washes. Please note, color result will vary, depending on the natural or serviced hair color. For a brighter effect, apply to pre-lightened hair. Another advantage of this range is that the colors are free from both PPDs and PTDs, making them ideal for clients who are allergic to those pigments. No Limits use direct dyes rather than oxidative pigments. The color is supplied in a 150ml bottle with an easy to use pump.
Organic ColourSystems Extra Brights The Extra Brights are 100% ammonia free permanent oxidative hair colors and with the exception of Violet they contain no PPD or PTD. They are not direct dyes or concentrates and contain no base tones. The Extra Brights are pure color. As such they need to be mixed with an activator and processed like the colors in the Organic Color Systems line. The Extra Brights from Organic Color Systems are the perfect addition to one of the most creative and versatile professional color lines available today.
Organic ColourSystems Concentrate Concentrate colors are an important addition, giving you the ability to customize colors. Blue, red, violet, gold, and silver concentrates can be used for color correction. When used to correct color, the concentrates are mixed with a color from the natural color range. Make sure the natural color is the correct depth for your target shade, e.g. to correct base 7 color, use 7 from the natural colors plus your concentrate.  
Organic ColourSystems Haircolor Natural Base - Colours that are designed to cover grey hair, NN for very resistant grey hair AH - Ash S - Silver GD - Gold CR - Copper BC - Bright Copper RC - Red Chopper FR - Red MH - Mahogany    
Joico Vero K-Pak Verolight Lightening Powder An off-the-scalp lightening powder that can provide a fast lifting action up to 8 levels, formulated with moisture-rich sorbitol crystals it leaves the clients’ hair shiny, healthy and resilient. True condition True speed True performance True result Lifts up to 8 levels JOICO VeroLight Dust-Free Lightening Powder has to be used with JOICO Vero K-Pak® Color Veroxide Gentle Crème Developer. 
Joico Vero K-Pak Creme Lightener  Joico’s introduction of the new fragrance-free Vero K-Pak Crème Lightener gives up to eight levels of lift without risking dryness and dullness. This highlighting system features Joico’s patented Quadramine Complex, protecting and conditioning hair’s natural lipid structure during the lifting process. Infused with fatty acids and vitamin E-and A-rich shea butter, this ultra-nourishing formula soothes the scalp and protects hair‘s integrity and elasticity. Mineral oils give a creamy consistency for an even lift along the entire hair shaft and further condition the hair for a soft and silky finish.
Joico Vero K-Pak Color, LB Lightening Booster Joico Vero K-Pak Color - Lightening Booster boosts lightening ability of VeroColor shades 4 and lighter. Leaves hair with a natural, healthy-looking shine and in superb condition. The moisture and emollient-rich formula features Cationic Triamine Complex that protects the hair for maximum condition.